hello october.

by Suzie Bonaldi



 Happy Sunday! If you're an old reader round these parts you may remember a little series called "The Sunday Post". Back in the day (showing my blogging age here) this blog was super well known for a lifestyle based post on a sunday featuring a little bit of food, travel or personal babble. Over time I ran out of enough time and places in Brighton to visit each week (no joke, I've literally eaten everywhere and I now have my faves - will do an updated post on that at some point, but anyway...) so those posts became fewer and fewer over time. However I realised the other day, though I don't have a tonne of pictures from my weekends to post on here each week, the one thing I have in abundance is left over photos from shoots! Especially where Instagram work is concerned, we often shoot four sets of photos when only one or two are needed, just to make sure we have "the shot". Over the past week alone I've done enough shoots to cover a month of behind the scenes type posts. SO... here we are. Welcome to The Sunday Post: Behind The Scenes This Week #1


So this coming week on Tuesday the 14th November I'm going to be in the Brighton Personal Shopping department of Topshop with Alix from I Covet Thee. We're hosting a meet up/Q&A/generally awesome evening and I'm so stoked. Like I honestly can't tell you how excited I am. I organised a more informal one almost four years ago with my friend Carla who works in Personal Shopping, so to be doing it on a bigger scale four years later is a total dream. This isn't a paid promotion for the evening or anything, but if you did want to come along, details and free tickets can be grabbed here. I'm also going to be doing a second meet up on Thursday 16th November with the lovely folks at Astrid & Miyu, another of my favourite brands, in London. I'm not 100% but there may still be tickets available here and if you're coming to either of these evenings then THANK YOU and I'm so excited to meet you all! I'm going to be absolutely shattered come Friday but it's going to be dreamy meeting so many of you all in one week!


As a result of the crazy week ahead, I spent the last week shooting for various projects - even one for CHRISTMAS - SAY WHUT?! I've also been putting together the plans for two Christmas shoots at the end of this month, and have been styling up outfits for various different videos and shoots AND I started planning my New Years Eve video (if you're not familiar I do these every year just before New Year and they are my favourite videos of the year - if you haven't seen last years it's here and I LOVE IT.) so things are getting mega festive in my house already. There's been a lot of Christmas mood boards in the works and I just can't even attempt them without having Christmas music or films playing in the background. DID I MENTION I LURVE CHRISTMAS?!!?!?

Aside from listening to Christmas music, I currently have Taylor Swifts new album playing on repeat (I think I've slowly tipping Josh over the edge with it) and would highly recommend a listen to it because it's so effing addictive I just can't even... I've also got a couple of YouTube favourites from the past week or soooo... Starting off with the lovely Liv Purvis's Living Room Tour, home tours are my YouTube crack and Liv has amazing taste in home decor so it's probably no surprise to see this listed. Lily Pebs also made a return to YouTube this month after taking a little break and my response was of course YASSSSSSSS. My sub box was definitely lacking in L.P vlogs during October so I'm super happy to have a new vlog from her (a 20 minute one at that)!



So I think I'll leave it there for this week! Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow for a new video and you can follow me on instagram (@hellooctober) to keep up to date with my daily rambles until next week! Oh and if you haven't already seen there's a new beauty post on The Best Glossier Products Worth Purchasing and How to Plan A Bedroom Makeover which includes a bedroom tour video!


Back in February I flew to New York for the very first time, I was excited to experience so many different things, and on that list was of course, the Glossier show room. I came, I saw, I left with two things. TWO THINGS. Whilst my partner in crime Alix purchased the entire stock list, I left with minimal product for two reasons, one; cloud paint was days away from launching, and our trip was a little ill timed in that sense, but two; my makeup preferences were so different 10 months ago, and there are so many products I love now that just weren't for me back then. It just wasn't my time yet. Fast forward 10 months and I'm fresh out of summer and still living for bare-ish skin (with my usual loaded eyes, of course) and a dewy complexion. New products have launched and with my change in preferences it's opened up a whole new glossy world. After spending the past two months testing all things Glossier, I feel like I'm up to speed on things. In those two months they've also launched in the UK and brought out three new products (heads up: Glossier YOU review incoming), so there couldn't be a better time to take you through the stars of the Glossier showroom and show you what I think is worth purchasing...


So let's start off with my top three, if I had to give the rest of my Glossier stash away, these would be the ones I kept. The Haloscope highlighter has to be top of that list, it comes in stick form, in three shades, all with a dewy centre which gives you a real "summer skin" look, glowy, not shimmery. Not drying, it doesn't highlight any texture in your skin, it completely glosses over. Actually yes that's the perfect work for it, you literally look glossy. It makes my skin look like it has a completely different texture, miles from the dehydrated mess it can often seem. I use the shade Moonstone, which I always thought would be icy and white and look off against my olive skin tone. But it seems to run clear, giving a gorgeous dewy glow with minimal colour pay off. It's the highlighter I've been waiting for all my life.

Holy schmoley I just wrote a lot about a highlighter, maybe we should move on? The Glossier Skin Tint is one that I never thought I'd like, but whilst on my quest to get that angel-like Glossier girl skin, I popped this in to an order a few weeks back. I use the shade dark to give me a little more warmth to my skin (it's sheer so you can get away with this) and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It really does give a gorgeous glow to the skin with minimal coverage. My skin has been much better over the past six months, so this has become my everyday base of choice. And though the product amount is small, the packaging is very travel friendly, and for once my everyday base actually fits in to my makeup bag!

Finally, Cloud Paint is a must have for anyone who loves a cream blush. I use the shade Dusk, but all the shades are so beautiful, and you can mix shades together too to create a colour that's completely custom! The pigmentation is great and the consistency is gorgeous, and as with my other two favourites it seems to smooth over the skin, rather than drying down and highlighting texture. 

Now, two out of three of these are quite widely raved about, so keep on reading if you want the scoop on the must haves for your beauty bag...


My two favourites from the skincare category are the Super Pure & Super Bounce serums, they're both light, non sticky, and leave your skin feeling lovely. Super Bounce aims to target hydration whilst Pure is ideal for blemish prone skin.  The Priming Moisturiser Rich is a lovely day cream which leaves your skin feeling hydrated and ready for makeup. This one tends to be a people pleaser with good reviews on both the oily and dry skinned sides, however with my very very dehydrated skin, it's not one I would use daily but it's still my favourite out of all the moisturisers. Finally, The Body Hero duo is a recent launch that I LOVE. The smell is soft and sweet with a blend of orange blossom and neroli and both leave my skin feeling so soft. At the moment I'm religiously using the Body Hero oil cleanser whilst in the shower, followed by the moisturiser every other wash. They're gorgeous, and though not something everyone likes to splurge on, they'd make a great gift (*cough* trying not to say Christmas *cough*).


The other products that have made it in to my regular rotation are Boy Brow in the shade medium, a gorgeous little brow gel not too dissimilar from Benefits Gimmie Brow, but without the £23 price tag. And then we have Balm dotcom, the everyone product. There are so many scents to choose from that there really is something for everyone; scentless, cherry, birthday cake, mint, coconut, rose. All of which smell heavenly (well, except the scentless one. Obvs). I'm a cherry and birthday cake kind of girl personally. The recent launch I didn't expect to like, Wowder, is actually a lovely lightweight powder that I use whenever I need a little bit of staying power under my peepers. It doesn't make me look caky and doesn't exaggerate my dehydration lines. I like.


That sweater... We all know the one, that Glossier sweater with it's grey marl and worn in, slouchy feel. Everyone needs one of these in their life. I recommend sizing up for extra cosy-ness.


Planning a Bedroom Makeover

I swear throughout the years my most made-over room has been the bedroom, it's one we spend so much time in and I always want mine to grow with me, and reflect my feelings and tastes at the time. Maybe it also stems from the fact my parents let me get WAY too involved with redesigning my childhood bedroom too... Either way, it's an important one to get right as it's a space we spend so much time in and the wrong balance can have a huge impact on our mood, mindset and even sleeping habits. When we moved I put a lot of my focus in to getting our bedroom just right, and it's my favourite room in the house! I've already posted a few pictures here, but today I wanted to show a couple more recent snaps, plus I've also popped our official Bedroom Tour video in to this post too! 

If you're thinking of having a little bedroom makeover, I've listed a few key tips on redecorating your bedroom that could make all the difference...

This is a very straight forward one, I mean, lots of you probably viewed this post from Pinterest. BUT I have a particular method I like to use which can often be helpful, and avoid feeling totally overwhelmed by ideas. I start by making a board specifically for that room makeover and pin EVERYTHING I like to it. Images from Pinterest, links from interiors shops, everything. Once I feel like I've pinned enough/maybe too much. I take a look at the board and make notes of key themes, colours, textures, brands, specific items that repeatedly pop up etc. Once I've done this I take out everything that doesn't fit in. Maybe you've got mostly mid century furniture but then a couple of images showing white glossy modern sideboards that stand out and don't fit. What you should be left with is a curated selection of images that fit together really well and you can get get an idea of the space you're looking to create. Whether it's dark walls with mid century furnishings or a light and airy feel with a boho vibe, this method should help you work out what it is you really want.

Whilst putting a room together it's so easy to go all out with various different shades. But I've found starting out with just a few key colours always works best, as you naturally add a little more as time goes on. In the past I've ended up with an overload of colours as a result of not thinking things through enough. But it's important to make sure your colour palette applies down to the details. For example, our old living space had nothing black in it, but when buying shelves we stupidly picked black even though it wasn't part of our colour palette. We hadn't applied that rule right down to the details, and guess what? It didn't work. If you're in a rented space it's also a good idea to account for the colour of your permanent fixtures, even if you've bought somewhere and aren't ready to replace certain aspects yet - take that colour in to account! We went for more nude tones over pinks in our bedroom as the carpet is a tan/beige tone.

It's important to know your budget early in the planning stage, as this shizz gets expensive. Once you've completed your mood boards you'll have a good idea as to what you mind need, but also what's already working out for you. We shopped around different sites to get the most affordable version of what we wanted and did sacrifice a few extra details here and there in the interest of not going bankrupt. My advice would be to add new items one by one, and to not get ahead of yourself and order everything all at once. It's good to add things slowly and get an idea of how it's working in the space and whether you NEED that ottoman or extra mirror.

This is such an important one when it comes to revamping a bedroom, and one me and my other half have argued over on occasion - especially when it comes to how we choose to block out/let in light. I LOVE airy sheer curtains, they're about the only kind of curtain I consider "chic", other than that I hate them. Boyfriend prefers thick, temperature regulating ones that block out every ray of light EVER. However, shutters are something we've both come to agree on. They insulate a room, block out light and also let in light whilst still shielding you from Bob and Vera across the street, because let's faee it, when you've just rolled out the shower the last thing you want is to stroll in to the room and have them spot you from the house opposite. Our shutters were already installed when we moved in, but I have a feeling they're from Next!

When it comes to artificial lighting, a little bedside lamp or two is my favourite way to light a room. In fact I can't have the ceiling lights on now because it just feels WRONG. I have two little lamps in each room from Heal's, but Oliver Bonas and a few other retailers also have similar items. They give a warm soft glow, whilst also being nice and bright. It makes the room feel super cosy and that's exactly the vibe I wanted. I recommend visiting a few stores that have lights on display and seeing how they glow before you make your mind up completely.

This ones key regardless of whether you're going for organised clutter or minimal clean surfaces. It's important to make sure your new space is one you can grow in to. Go for the extra storage, whether it's the next wardrobe size up (if it fits obvs) or the under bed storage, or that jute basket to pop in the corner. Storage is key and though everything might fit now it might not in a year, and it's important to avoid upgrading furniture so soon if it's unnecessary. It also gives you the potential to have a clean and tidy space, which is key for a bedroom. Tidy space, tidy mind and all that, but I swear it helps you get a better nights sleep.


Hello, October. Sure came around quick didn't it? I must say I hadn't been as prepared for this month as I have been in the past years, no pre-filming, no pre life organising. The real reason for this being that September was a bottomless pit of projects and puppy training. Who's the idiot that gets a new dog in her busiest quarter? *raises hand*. Yeah, that would be me. Somehow fast forward three weeks and we're most of the way through October, I'm 13 videos down and this "October Goals" style post I wanted to publish 24 days ago just never made it past the draft stage. It's a funny month, and it feels to me as though time is constantly running away with me, like life speeds up around 20mph faster than I can keep up with and isn't there ALWAYS a curve ball that gets thrown at you that you weren't quite expecting!? It's months like this where I'm so thankful that I invested in therapy and am comfortable with not always being in control, right now it's all about rolling with the punches and focusing on my goals. Speaking of...


Aside from pumping out 16 videos this month (OMG we're almost there!), I have a few other plans up my sleeve for the upcoming month, this first one is one I cannot wait to unveil and finally have the time to finish off!

Spruce Up This Old Gaff: Yup, H.O is getting a brand new look! I've changed so much this year, there isn't a soul alive who hasn't seen that. And with that, I've refreshed my YouTube page and my Instagram has followed suit. They both match, but then there's hello-october.com that's not quite in sync with them, she's feeling a little lonely and she's definitely in need of a mani-pedi and a new "do" - more than just a little TLC. Over the next month I'm hoping this blog will start to reflect me a little more, and whilst the process of it is currently making me want to pull me teeth out (I'm not the best at creative decisions - let's put it that way), I'm so excited for H.O 6.0 (lol as if this is only my sixth rebrand. I've definitely rounded down on this occasion!) and to start sharing again. 

Get Back in the Gym: This was actually a plan for this month, but it's definitely one that's been de-railed. When you have your fingers in a lot of different pies, you really have to pick and choose a few things to work on at one time, otherwise you end up doing a mediocre job at 12 billion things. Fitness is one of the "dippers" in my life - along with healthy eating and being a domestic goddess - it's not a priority 100% of the time but I'm always excited to come back to it. Over the summer it was more of a focus for me and I felt really great. I'm looking forward to getting back on the treadmill come November! 

Plan My Next Tattoo(/s): Despite being back to my tattooist twice in the past two months I fully plan on making a couple more trips over the next couple of months. It's something that I love so much and definitely plan on sharing more of on my blog going forward (if you'd like? Let me know in the comments!?), from photos and Q&A's to the occasional video. On that note, I posted a new tattoos and piercings video here if you want to have a watch!

Office Revamp: Though my office is around 90% done, I still have so many ideas for it and I'm so excited to have some more time to work on it and to make it a really special space. I think I might so a video soon before I do any more alterations to give you a sneak peek but also an idea of what it looks like before I do anything more! I'm also excited to be sharing some new interiors posts on here soon - it's been so much fun furnishing this place I can't wait to chat about it more!

What would you like to see more of next month? x

P.S If I hadn't already mentioned (lol) I'm uploading a lot of videos this month BUT what's also very exciting is that I'm going to be donating all of the ad revenue from my YouTube videos from October to charity for Breast Cancer Awareness month! If you haven't already please click here to get watching! 


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