Just Landed: Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Not so secret fact of the day for you: I hate washing my hair. So much so, I used to go a full week without washing it. Back in the day (you know, a year ago) my hair was so long that washing was more than a chore, it was painful  and such a boring ordeal. Thankfully things have gotten better now my hair is shorter, but I still put off washing my hair until the last dying minute. As a result anything that makes the experience more enjoyable or lengthens the time between washing gets a massive thumbs up from me. Amazingly there's a new release from Bumble and Bumble that does both...

I know what you're you're thinking - is there anything I don't love from Bumble & Bumble? Yes, I've tried a lot from them over the past three years and there are a few things I just don't rate, from the Seaweed Conditioner to the Quenching masque (the Deep mask however is a totally different bucket of fish). I don't love everything, but they're a pricey brand, so I'm always going to shout when the good releases hit the ground.

Anyway, the Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner* are what I would call the perfect every day hair wash-ers for me. They don't do a deep cleanse like the Sunday Shampoo, not make it uber textured like the Surf range. But they do make for a manageable mane from day one, right up until day three or four (five is when the grease suddenly hits and I start to wonder how long ago I washed my mop). They're sulphate free which I love (harsh chemicals are just unnecessary y'know?) and smell delicious. If you like high end hair care I'd definitely recommend giving these a whirl, they even come in holiday mini size so you can try them out without feeling like you're potentially throwing money away.

The range also includes a spray on de-tangler/heat protectant/UV filter/everything you could want in one bottle (total beach bag material). However the jury is still out on that one. To be continued...

*PR Samples

The Heatwave

Hands up if you're loving the little UK heatwave we got goin' on right now? *raises own hand*. Good. Hands up if you love it but you just can't stand having to cloth yourself? *raises own hand* Not just me? Excellent. Recently I've been opting for barely there fabrics and loose fits to keep me cool (like a cucumber, oh yeahhh) during the day. Being stuck inside because you have to work is torturous enough without overheating/sweating it out at the same time, so I've been relying on camis and loose shorts a lot! One of my favourite pairs come courtesy of the lovely guys at Motel. Their orange floral print shorts are currently my warm weekend companions for mine and Joshs trips to the park with the pup, but with a lightweight shoulder covering black top this could totally be office appropriate too (depending on your office of course).

Not only did motel send me these lovely shorts, but they also sent me some lovely NYX cosmetics* goodies too. Their shine killer and Dewy Finish Setting Spray have become favourites of mine on very hot days. I'm still forever dying to get my hands on their Powder Blush in Taupe - one of those ones that everyone loves but no one can ever get their hands on. So I might have to make an order once the opportunity arises.

But anyway, here's what I wore...

Cami: ASOS (similar here)
Shorts: Motel*
Shoes: Birkenstocks
Bag: Topshop (similar here)

*PR Samples

iPhone Life: July

Life from the depths of my iPhone. These are the photos that never made it to Instagram #terribleblogger4evs.

1. Nars wishlisting - one purchase has already been made. Oops

2. Vintage pink roses - like pink roses, but with the saturation on 50%. I loves them.

3. #GIRLBOSS - because Sophia Amoruso is my queen.


5. Stepping stones at the park.

6. Brandy Melville - I love your clothes but I hate the sizing. IT SUCKS.

7. More Nars wishlisting.

8. French braids on greasy hair days... There is no other option.

July Beauty Favourites

It's that time of the month again (no, not that time), the time where I spew out all of my favourite beauty products from the past month into one video - with two non beauty favourites thrown in for good measure. I've basically taken advantage of anything bathroom related since moving into a place with a nice new bathroom, and have been forced to up both the sun care and tanning products. There's also some Aesop faves incase you're feeling spendy and a Bobbi Brown palette you MUST swatch, at the very least.

Oh, and there's a wiggley little pup too - did I mention we got a dog?

The Sunday Post: Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute

There have been a lot of sleepless nights this week thanks to our little fluff ball. She's well over half way to being toilet trained (no joke, I've cried with happiness about this) and is getting slightly less noisy at night. We have to take her for walks in our arms as she's waiting for her final vaccination at the moment and needs to meet over 100 people in the next four weeks for her development to be on track. We've found the easiest way to get her used to the hustle and bustle of Brighton and meet new people is to sit outside cafes. This gives us the chance to have a coffee (THANK GOD FOR COFFEE) and the world and their wife come up and say hi - we love that, don't be scared to say hi! Luckily she's incredibly easy going, so doing this with her is super easy and we don't worry about her wiggling away at all.

If you want to see her wriggling around for real(ish), my July Favourites video might feature her just a little bit, and there will also be a vlog coming to you soon. Well, fingers crossed. I didn't think about how hard it would be working, raising a dog and blogging at the same time!

Just Landed: Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows

It's very rare that I get excited for an eyeshadow launch. I only own the first Naked palette and my Charlotte Tilbery palette has sat unloved for a good six months now. But when Nars release something new, I listen up. They could release a premium toilet roll and I'd be right in there at the front of the queue. So with those two conflicting factors in mind, my review of the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows could easily go one of two ways.

There are 12 shades of the new dual intensity eyeshadow, each with a smooth texture that applies like a dream both dry and wet. I find that finger application works best when dry if you like a stronger pigment, and a wet flat brush is the way forward if you want a stronger, more metallic sheen (little bird tells me they have a specific brush just for these shadows - and by little bird,  I mean it's here.

Creasing and wear time is always down to individual differences, but I've had no trouble with these so far. The only reason why I sit firmly on the fence is due to the shade range. "Dione" is my favourite with its light, cool toned gold pigment. Callisto and Surba (shown above) are also beautiful, but the shades just don't lend themselves well to olive skin tones (well, in my opinion anyway), Himalaya is the only shade I'd consider picking up out of the collection. I much prefer the warmer, more bronzed shades you can find in Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown offerings, so hopefully if these do well Nars will expand the collection a little further.

TLDR: Beautiful formula, would like more bronze-y shades. Over and out.