The Review: Tanya Burr Individual Lashes

Lashes are generally a love or don't love kind of product - I love them, but struggle to find ones that are appropriate for everyday wear. Even Josh is a fan as it means I can take my makeup off incredibly quickly - and let's face it - that's one of the many reasons why I'm a fan. When I go on holiday I don't generally take mascara - just a pack or two of falsies and I consider my evening makeup done. 

Being a fan of wearable lashes, I was so excited for Tanya when she told me what she was releasing! A range of lovely wearable lashes (with only one set of "wow" lashes), I was on board. I have two sets of the individual lashes to play with, and without giving any spoilers... (HA - spoiler alert!) let's just say I will definitely be buying more...

I'm currently not doing so well in the natural lash department as my current mascara seems to be killing them a fair bit so two packs of individual lashes were more than welcome. They come in the usual short, medium and long sections and the lengths of each are just right for giving  natural fluttery look. For speedy application I normally use two of each length, or two short and four medium. In the photos above I used the latter, but also added in more short lashes where I felt I needed volume. They're so amazing for both length and volume and I have a feeling I'll be using these a lot over the next few weeks until I get my real lashes back *cries*. 

All the lashes include a little glue tube. Interestingly the individual lash packs have clear glue and although this makes it harder to see where you've applied the shorter lashes, it ultimately means you don't have to go over each lash with eyeliner - much better for those apply and go situations. The longevity of the glue seems to be on par with other lash retailers too - I'm currently on four hours and counting without loosing a lash. This gets a big thumbs up from me as it's always a worry when trailing new lashes.

TLDR? The lashes get a thumbs up from me. Good job T.B! x

Vlogtober #12: Creps & Coffee

Vlogtober #12 features a VERY blogger-full weekend - not to mention some really great food. Being little hermits that reside on the coast of the UK, Alix and I were so excited to go for lunch together (we may have also filmed some very rambley videos) and I can confirm she is one if the most genuinely lovely bloggers I've ever met. Hopefully our lunch dates will become more of a regular thing. We also saw the lovely Tanya - who I've actually seen three times this week - that's more times in one week than in the past year! She's always a pleasure to see so lunch and shopping with her was super lovely. We had creps and milkshakes, a dreamy combo.

Finally we saw Liv on Saturday. Her and her other half Joe and two of the most lovely human beings on the planet, so seeing them is always a pleasure, and this time Josh joined us for coffee - finally putting 3D faces to the names.

It was a busy weekend - followed by an even busier week. I think I might be taking this weekend to recover as I've currently lost my voice... Oops.

The Review: Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizer CC Cream


After three years of hanging around this area of the internet, you guys know me well enough by now to know that I love two things: lightweight bases and a "I woke up like this after 10 hours sleep" glow. Especially that last one, because let's not pretend that I don't write my posts in the middle of the night, beauty products on one side, bad reality television on the other, I digress. Enter Olay's new CC Cream...

To celebrate the launch of their Total Effects CC Cream, Olay are holding #EverydayFlawless Week with a different daily social activity every day this week. #EverydayFlawless is all about perfected and polished skin and each day they'll be showing you how to achieve that flawless look.

As part of the #EverydayFlawless week I've been testing out the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizer CC Cream, a super-charged multi-tasking cream with +40% vitamins. For me it's a lightweight base that melts into the skin to give a glowing and plumping effect (helping you to achieve the #EverydayFlawless look).

At first I wasn't too sure on how much coverage it would give, as it seemed to be rather thick as it emerged from the tube. However once you begin to work the product in it melts and becomes so easy to work with, blending seamlessly into the skin. It gives a light coverage, but helps to smooth over imperfections, negating the need for anything heavier and helping to give a completely natural look to the skin. Best of all, I like to apply it with my fingers - it gives a much more natural finish and is super speedy as the warmth of the fingertips helps it to blend so quickly.

In the photos above I'm completely shunning any concealer, and looking at these was when I realised just how brightening it is. It uses smart colour technology to correct red or darker patches of skin and smooths over to minimise the appearance of pores and even out the skin tone. Leaving you with radiant, more even toned skin whilst the Vitaniacin Multi-Vitamin Complex in the cream takes care of your skin in the long term.

As an avid radiant base lover I was really impressed with the CC Cream, it gives flawlessly beautiful skin in one simple step, but without the professional tools and high end price tag! Definitely one for lightweight radiant base lovers to check out on your next boots blitz - or if you're more of an online shopping kind of girl you can find it here.

To find out more visit Beauty Recommended on Facebook ( or Twitter (@BeautyRecommend) or search #EverydayFlawless 


Get Ready With Me: Autumn Edition

During the colder months of the year, get ready with me's become my favourite video to film - there's just so much more to play with in terms of colour (who doesn't love trying to choose between two shades of berry lip products, ultimately opting for a nude...) and outfit - not to mention videos just always look so much better with a little candle hanging around. This one gives you an idea of my current daily makeup and go-to outfit for the current season - not to mention a quick demonstration of how I curl my hair. Oh, and Nala is in it - worth watching just for the fuzzies.

The Sunday Post: Creps & Catch Ups

Never have I sat down to have brunch and forgotten to actually place my order. I've also never sat down to lunch with two YouTubers with the exact same hair colour I have (it's the little things that amuse me really), but yesterday those three things happened and it was rather lovely.

I woke up at 7:30am - yes you heard me SEVEN THIRTY A.M PEOPLE - as I needed to film my Autumn Get Ready With Me (up on my channel now!) and then swiftly headed out the door (late as usual). I met Alix at the station and we headed down to The Creparie on Ship Street for creps with Tanya. A good two hours and a rather large crep later, we headed round the corner for a little browse through Space NK. As always, I arrived and had a purchase in my hands within minutes. Sigh. I don't quite have this "saving money" thing down.

In addition to a lovely catch up over brunch (and when I say catch up it was serious as we haven't seen each other in over a year), Alix and I also filmed a few videos for our channels - keep your eyes peeled for those next Sunday! Warning: the video on my channel might could be a chatty one (nothing new, I know). Make sure you have plenty of tea and snacks prepared)!


Daily Makeup #1

Last Saturday I woke up sporting a rather fresh face with some seriously glowing skin. *pats self on the back* Despite deeming it a good skin day, I couldn't help but go for the "more is more" approach when doing my makeup. It seems stupid but sometimes I can't help by taking advantage of a really great skin day by going to town at my dressing table.

I've been loving smokey eyes recently, which is the main contributor to my "i'm most definitely wearing makeup" look. Mac's Soba and Clinique Black Honey eye shadows are where it's at for an autumnal everyday smokey eye, working beautifully with the Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner (for winged liner) and the L'Oreal Gelmatic gel liner (for tight lining). I generally go quite light on the brows if I'm going to go eyeshadow heavy, but this time I applied my Bobbi Brown brow kit before I decided on my eye shadow - so things were a little heavier than I would have liked...

I kept my skin looking fresh and flawless using the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and the Estee Lauder Brush on Glow BB Highlighter, with the Tarte Full Coverage Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation (longest name ever) to set things and matte things down slightly where I'm more oily.

I'm obsessed with the Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer/Blush combo at the moment, and use the bronzer everyday, but for real smokey eye days I've been using the Rimmel blush in Santa Rose to add the most natural, subtle flush to my cheeks.

To finish things off, I pop a tiny bit of nude liner in the inner corners of my waterline to brighten things up - especially with the reddy tones of Black Honey on my eyes and line my lips with the Charlotte Tillbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. Et voila!

I wouldn't exactly call this an everyday makeup look, but I've been doing this a fair bit recently and I've been loving it. I think I might make an effort to do more Daily Makeup posts on here as I've quite enjoyed documenting the days where I play around with my stash a little. Next up: red lips for work! Woah there...