Things To Do This Week #4

Things to do this week - wrapping together my current favourite products, places and recipes for you to add to this weeks to-do list.

TAKE A STROLL DOWN THE MAGAZINE ISLE: Take a flick through InStyle & Marie Claire whilst you're at it. You can find a little shoot I did with Maxfactor amongst the beauty advertorials!

TRY THIS: The Body Shop Vitamin E Mask is by far one of my favourite skincare products I've ever discovered (and it's a budget product people - the unthinkable has finally happened)! I like to use it in the morning, applying it first thing after washing my face, leaving it on whilst I get on with my morning routine. It's soothing and super hydrating on my forehead which is currently dehydration central. Dehydration lines? What dehydration lines?!

DRINK THIS: I'm a big fan of breakfast smoothies at the moment, fruit is not for me, but a little vegetable goodness mixed with something a bit more creamy and I'm a happy chap. For the past few weeks I've been loving making my Mint Chocolate Chip Breakfast Smoothie - it's refreshing, sweet and very green. I find breakfast smoothies really interesting to make - once you've make a few you get the hang of which types ingredients work well together and you can start to improvise a bit - making "nothing for breakfast" days a thing of the past!

WATCH THESE: Another one from Lisa Eldridge this week, but with her Japanese Makeup Look going live, how could I not feature it? Japanese beauty products (and culture in general) really intrigues me and this video only fuelled a growing obsession.  Then we have Orphan Black - season three has started (though not available on UK Netflix yet) and I feel I owe somewhat of a public service announcement to ensure no one misses it! Finally, a shameless plug for my latest vlog - I've been working more on a "several days rolled in to one" type of vibe. It makes for a slightly better scope of my life, but does mean sometimes vlogs will alternate between Tuesday and Thursday depending on content.

A Long List of April Favourites...

April favourites time - cue questioning where the month has gone and numerous other vlogger cliches... It's currently bank holiday weekend, so my creativity has downed tools for the weekend and my brain is currently having a little down time too - it's making for one great blog intro right?

Well, if you made it this far then ten points to you, an extra treat goes to those that make it through the video too - I've left in some of the cuts that you don't usually see at the end. Don't ever say I'm not good to you...

Essie Fiji Nail Polish
Barry M Quick Dry - Pit Stop
Sephora Formula X Nail Polish (Unmistakeable)
Chanel CC Cream* (20 Beige)
L'Oreal Infalible 24 Hour Matte Foundation (11 Vanilla)
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Photo Edition Moisturising Foundation (bamboo beige)
Soap & Glory Solar Powder
Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper* 
Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque 
Aerin Lengthening & Volumising Mascara*
Clains Ombre Iridescent Eyeshadow (01)*

The Sunday Post: A Roof With A View

Last week after a long summers day full of meetings, each and every one of them inside (although lunch took place in the Riding House Cafe so I can't complain too much), I made my way to Kew Bridge with Alix for our final appointment of the day. To my delight we ended up in a secret little rooftop garden, basking in the afternoon sunshine, and couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. Gazing out at the river lined with huge old trees, I actually considered moving to Kew Bridge for a split second (it really would make my life a lot easier) before remembering I'm graced with the sight of the sea on a daily basis and swiftly reconsidered...

It was one of those unexpectedly lovely days that makes a great memory and makes me feel so grateful for the opportunities that come my way everyday. I feel blessed to work with amazing brands and work with one of my best friends on a daily basis. 

Without turning too soft on you guys, a big thank you for all of your love and support, days like this one here wouldn't happen without it! 


Breakfast With Suzie: Mint Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie!

WARNING: The above photos may cause feelings of hunger and sweet tooth cravings BUT luckily todays recipe is actually a little better for you than a mint chocolate milkshake (but just as tasty)! I'm a huge fan of breakfast, it's the best meal of the day (IMHO). I came across this recipe on Popsugar a few months back, and after some intense hunger pains during a filming marathon earlier this week, I decided it was the perfect time to throw everything in a blender as an on the go snack. It's tasty, filling, nutritious and so yummy that I've even converted it to a breakfast bowl situation too - can you tell I'm a fan of the whole mint/chocolate combination?

I've changed things up a bit from the original recipe to use natural yoghurt instead of greek, and changed the quantities slightly to suit my tastes - it's one of those recipes where you can easily improvise if you don't have a couple of the ingredients! Out of the two the breakfast smoothie is my favourite, but the bowl was great earlier in the week when I ran out of granola - so give it a go!

It's perfect as a bank holiday weekend treat! So go ahead and make one of your own and let me know what you think! Don't forget to take a photo and tweet me using the hashtag #BreakfastWithSuzie


3/4 cup natural yogurt 
1 handful of mint leaves 
1 cup almond/hazelnut/whatever milk 
1 handful dark chocolate chips (or any dark chocolate easter eggs you've still got lying around - guilty)
1 cup baby spinach 
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Blend to your desired consistency and pour into your favourite cup! This should make a large serving for one, but you can easily split it and have enough for two if you wanted!


1 cup natural yogurt 
1 handful of mint leaves  
1 handful dark chocolate chips (or any dark chocolate easter eggs you've still got lying around - guilty)
1 cup baby spinach 
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1/4 cup rolled oats

Once it's blended, pop it in a bowl and top with your fruit/seeds/nuts of choice! This makes around two bowls (depending on how much you eat - I have fairly small portions as I get full easily!)

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Things To Do This Week #3

It may be mid-week already, but there's still twelve hours of hump-day to get over and a three day weekend for UK readers, so we'll just casually overlook my tardiness on this one. This week I've got five things to add to your to-do list...

TRY BALLET: Well, in a slightly different form. I've been leaning more and more towards taking adult ballet classes for a good six months now, but whilst I'm still dilly-dallying on taking that jump and booking some lessons, I've introduced BALLET BEAUTIFUL in to my work out routine. Sounds fun right? It is, but it's also pretty intense. I did arms on Monday after a full body Pilates work out and my body still hasn't recovered. BUT, it's the most graceful I've ever felt whilst working out and feels very relaxing if you ignore the burn.

PIN THINGS: I'm 100% back on the PINTEREST bandwagon. I fall of from time to time, but at the moment it's part of my weekly routine. It helps me to feel much more inspired when it comes to photography but also works as a wonderful distraction technique in times of stress (not the most orthodox method of combating stress, but let me have this one). Set up an account and get pinning, it's addictive I tell you!

GET THE GLOW: After Madeline Shaw's new book GET THE GLOW released last week I was hooked. My train home from London was completely delayed and I barely realised as I was so engrossed in it. She knows her stuff, but comes across as positive and friendly with none of the patronising tones or scare mongering that can often surface when it comes to nutritional reads (Eat Pretty - I'm looking at you). It was just what I needed to get back on the healthy bandwagon and I'd definitely recommend giving it a read if you need a little nudge in the right direction.

SUMMER SHOE SEARCH: It's that time of year we all dread. The weather is warming up and it's that transitional period where we need to start thinking about shoes for the summer months. I kicked off my summer collection with a fresh new pair of WHITE CONVERSE, followed by some rose gold sandals from Topshop. In two pairs I'm set for cooler and warmer weather *pats self on back*. May is the best time for summer shoe shopping as the stock is plentiful and we're not yet bored of the warmer weather, so be prepared and use your bank holiday weekend wisely!

WATCH THIS: This Lisa Eldridge Sun Kissed Golden Look is so gorgeous I've watched it  six times already just this week. It's a look I've been wearing daily (with the addition of liquid liner of course) and I can't quite get enough of hitting play on all of her uploads at the moment. OR... *shameless plug alert* if you're interested in something a little more hair related, I uploaded a HAIR CARE ROUTINE last Sunday. It's a chatty one so you will need to kit yourself out with supplies before hitting play, but I have a lot of hair so there was a lot to cover!

Hair Care & Styling Routine + Tips For Healthy Long Hair!

It's been a long time coming (hence why this weeks video is one of my longest ever) but I finally got round to uploading a hair care chat this week, complete with styling details and my tips for growing your hair! Hair products were actually my first love before makeup as I used to hate my natural hair texture, so it feels so strange to think that it's something I rarely talk about on the blog, but I love trying new things and playing about with my hair so that will probably change going forward.

I've been far more content with my hair since growing out my "lob" and although a lot of people are currently all aboard the shorter hair band wagon and say they prefer my hair shorter, I couldn't be happier. This hasn't been my first time of growing out a shorter cut, so I thought I'd jot down a few tips on how I approach growing my hair...

A GOOD DEFENCE: In my eyes your hair isn't something that you can repair too much once major damage has been done. You can use products to make it as smooth and manageable as possible, but once you've damaged it you'll never be able to truly re-wind and start over without a major chop! Because of this my number one priority is using a heat protectant on my hair, and making sure it doesn't get too mangled by everyday wear and tear. I very rarely have breakage on my ends despite having incredibly fine hair and I always put it down to my religious use of heat protectant and being kind to my hair.

BE PATIENT: I was told numerous times when I was growing my hair that it would get to a certain point and just stop growing. If only they could see me now! There is a point in growing out a cut where it seems like nothing it happening but your hair will grow! Even if we got all scientific and talked HAIR CYCLES - which range from 2 - 6 years  - you would still be able to grow out a long bob as it generally takes around 12/18 months for most people dependant on genetics, environmental factors and of course, how long you want your hair. So as long as your patient and look after it you will get there - you might never be Rapunzel, but your hair will grow.

BACK TO BASICS: If you're looking to grow healthy long hair it may be worth altering your diet slightly. I often go through stages of long term healthy eating and then un-doing it all (not ideal, I know) and I always notice that my hair begins to grow much quicker after a month or two of healthy eating. Lots of veggies, fish and eggs have made a huge difference for me, and if nothing else you're doing your body a favour so there's nothing to lose!

Obviously these are just my tips based on personal experience. This is definitely not one of those "if you're not doing this it won't happen" types of posts because hair always grows regardless, but sometimes just being reminded of a few little basics can lend a helping hand!
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