The Little Polar Bear

I have a not so secret secret. I'm a major coat addict and for the past few months I've been itching to find the perfect new addition to my wardrobe. I have most of my bases covered. Casual, smart, black, camel, hooded, leather. But after falling in love with my ASOS backpack (most people think it's Whistles - score) I quickly realised I didn't own a coat or jacket that I could colour co-ordinate it with.

After black Friday I couldn't get the fuzzy number above out of my head. I'd spotted it in the sale and it taunted me for a few days prior to purchasing. Does it make me look like a sheep or the little polar bear? I can't tell.

Before we go any further I'm just going to make it clear that this is the cosiest coat I own. No regrets what so ever. And had I known this I would have bought it earlier in the year and paid full price (luckily for my bank balance I didn't). If you're a fan of my vlogmas you'll have seen me wearing this almost daily since I bought it. It can dress up something incredibly causal or add a little glamour to something that's already a little bit special.

Did I just write three paragraphs about a coat? Yes, I did. It's love, okay?









Festive Pamper Favourites

There's nothing quite like sitting down of an evening in the run up to Christmas. Switching on Destiny's Child "8 Days of Christmas" (or more recently, Serial Podcast) and having a little festive pamper. Recently I've been loving a few bits from Lush, as well as some rather fetching Christmas Pudding pyjamas that you might have already seen if you're a regular Vlogmas watcher. 

An old favourite is the Comforter, a bubble bar that smells incredible and creates the biggest bubbles with a deep pink colour swirling round in the tub. A newer discovery is the Rose Jam shower gel. Literally a 50/50 split of rose and jam. It's divine and I've been using it as part of my daily routine. Whoops, an expensive habit is looming. 

Finally, a new love of mine is the Santa's Lip Scrub, a cola flavour lip scrub with a berry red tint. I've been using this after taking off a bold lip (currently a regular occurrence for me) and also before bed with a little lip balm to make sure things are smooth the next morning. It's worth nothing that whilst it's "cola" flavour, it also has a hit of cherry, making it a million times better than standard cola.


Drugstore Festive Party Makeup

A festive makeup look with a drugstore twist. When I first swatched the Topshop Matte Lip Bullet in Get Me Bodied, I knew I had my lip colour sorted for this video. Only one high end product has been used as an example of an optional extra (the glitter sparkle in the Charlotte Tilbery Palette - total other end of the scale - oops). I also leave the clip where I talk about my brows twice. Obviously on purpose... *face palm*

Foundation: L'Oreal True Match Foundation (R2C2) 
Concealer:Collection Illuminating Concealer 
Eyeshadow: Rimmel Brixton Brown Eyeshadow Palette 
Eye Liner: Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Liner 
Mascara: Maxfactor False Lash Effect* & Tanya Burr Individual Lashes* 
Brows: Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencils in Blondeshell & Hot Chocolate 
Bronzer: Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer 
Lips: Topshop Lip Liner (Deception) & Matte Bullet (Get Me Bodied) 
Nails: Some weird pink they applied on a shoot last week...

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Finished your Christmas Shopping yet? Don't worry, I haven't either. Today is the day for me and the only reason I'm marginally looking forward to it is down to the Bens Cookies stand I'll be passing by. Did someone say three triple chocolate cookies please?

In celebration of the fact that the present buying madness starts today (and the fact the tree is going up tonight) I've put together a little gift guide for last minute ideas. Containing both online only purchases and in store buys, hopefully there's something that will inspire you - regardless of whether it's for your own Christmas list or not (we don't judge here).
STOCKING FILLERS FOR THE LUXE BEAUTY LOVER: *Waves hands around in the air* This is for the girl who loves Space NK as much as I do. For stocking fillers for multiple mates, the Space NK Christmas Crackers*, are genius. They come in sets of five or singular (if you have lots of friends the larger set works out better for your wallet) containing some of the stores best sellers. They're beautifully presented and can be used to decorate your tree before making their way to their rightful owner. Then you have my number one gift that I will never have to pretend to like. The Diptique mini candles, Epice is my current favourite (and everyone else's apparently - get thee to a store asap)! And finally, for the luxe bath lover, the Aromatherapy Associate oils* are always a winner, they last for ever, aren't too bank breaking if a repurchase is required.

BEAUTY MINIS: You can never go wrong with beauty minis. They allow your loves ones to try out a product with minimal commitment or fear of never using a product up. Lush is always a great one for mini shower gels and theres a scent to suit everyone. Topshop have also hopped on the beauty mini bandwagon with their beauty minis that can be hung off the tree. The proof that these are gold is in the fact that I am now obsessed with the matte lip bullet in Get Me Bodied as a result of buying this mini gift (and have now purchased the full size)! And then we have the Phillip Kingsley hair ministotally inexpensive and a lovely way to sample high end hair care with a sample of the cult elasticizer. 

FOR THE YOUTUBE FAN: The Tanya Burr Nail Polishs* and Zoella Beauty* range are super easy to get hold of and make a lovely little gift for the little sister in your life who's obsessed with YouTube.

THE BIG BEAUTY GIFTS: Bigger beauty gifts are always risky at Christmas, but for those that are new to makeup or love something a little more luxe and pinterest worthy, the Zooeva Rose Gold Brush Set is an incredible gift. Brushes aside, you can't go wrong with a palette, whether it's any (or all) of the Naked Palettes or the recently released Clarins Palette*, a more subtle version of the Naked 1 palette that my mum will be itching to get her hands on. For the girls who love amazing bath and shower products, the Deck the Halls Lush Gift Set* is stunning, and contains both full size and tester products that will be a hit on Christmas day (hello festive glittery baths on Christmas morning). Your living room will also smell incredible with this under your tree.

For the skincare starter, Clinique* and Origins do amazing gift sets around this time of year, but for those who like something a little bit more luxe, the Neals Yard* gift sets are incredible and have a little something for everyone.
For The Girl Who Loves To Be Plugged In - the Urban ears headphones are amazing whether you're editing, watching videos or just need to drown out your noisy desk buddy. The grey are my favourite, but there is also a coral colour and moss grey/green colour that I love!

For The Camera Lover - the Canon EOS M is great for filming and photos and has an interchangeable lens feature. This means that you can still use your favourite lens whilst out and about without breaking your back carrying round a huge camera.

For The Stationary Nerd - Liberty Notepads are awesome, and their Frenchie and Cat notepads that can be found in store are the bomb. Paperchase notebooks are always beautiful and are a guaranteed winner.

For The Book Babe: I've been reading Leandra Medine's book, Manrepeller recently, and if you're buying for a blog lover who loves witty tales of fashion mishaps and life experiences mixed together, this will go down a treat. For your kick arse friend who appreciates the whole girl power vibe #Girlboss is awesome and I've promised this to multiple mates over the past few months but just can't bear to part with it.

The Going Out Out Girl: Or, any girl. Y'know? I love a clutch and this Cos Leather Clutch is such a beautiful luxury gift. For those who are a little more trend focused, the New Look Faux Fur Clutch is an affordable clutch with a whistles vibe to it that will be well loved over the New Year festivities.

Some of these products are gifted samples.
This is because Gift Guides are hella expensive.
None of the brands featured are paying me for this post
and I hand picked every item that has been featured
based on what I would recommend.

Winter Greys

I have a thing about grey all year round (because nothing fits better between white and black then grey now, does it?) but when December rolls round the obsession seems to magnify some what. Maybe it's because of the weather, or the fact that some of the warmest, most cosy sweaters just happen to be grey. Either way, I'm not too fussed, especially with the whole matching pieces thing becoming much more acceptable.

I threw the outfit above together last Friday and to simply say the accessories are the focus doesn't quite match up with how I felt. All differing slightly in finish and tone (the pink hat being more than a slight difference), they fitted together beautifully and just needed a slouchy grey sweater to pull them all in. The jeans are my new Joni's from Topshop and are worn purely for warmth more than fitting in with the outfit - a neutral toned skirt would have worked perfectdly but I didn't fancy loosing my legs to frost bite.


Zara Sweater

River Island Hat


Stop It, Stop It, Stop It - Body Bashing.

This morning I scrolled through my Facebook timeline and saw several people share the same viral image. The text over it made my blood boil and I won't be posting it on here just like I wouldn't leave a dead rat in my hallway.

"Curves. Because nobody likes to snuggle a stick" is probably the most disgusting thing I've seen on my timeline today (it was only 11:30 so will probably continue to go down hill from there). I sat and wondered (whilst ranting out loud, obviously) if anyone actually had a second thought before sharing that? I imagined my more slender petite friends, and (stomach churns) younger family members scrolling down their time and seeing that.

I have so many friends who are the shape that they are and will never have curves, or family members who are too young to have a "shape" yet. When I think about them seeing things like this from people they know (or even who they don't know now thanks to the ridiculous feature that is the Facebook timeline) I can imagine some of them feeling like they've had a mini kick in the crotch. For my younger cousins, seeing things like this can make them question how they feel about their current shape. As a teenager not everyone has a strong sense of self yet, and things like this can sink in like water to a sponge.

You can be what ever size you like and shout about how proud you are of it and I salute you. Being comfortable in your own skin is so important, but it doesn't mean making other people feel bad about themselves for not being the same shape. A lot of people don't even think that it is harmful because it's not directly aimed at anyone, but direct or indirect, body shaming is WRONG. It doesn't get any more simple than that.

People don't choose their shape or size and the lack of sensitivity astounds me and genuinely makes me fear for the future. Do I want to potentially bring a daughter in to the world if this is what surrounds her (then Josh reminds me that our children will be the most stubborn, sassy beings on the planet - they'll be fine). There's also the recurring issue of reversing the message on this image - if someone were to bash a curvy figure there would be uproar. And naturally so - I'll say it again, body bashing = WRONG.

I'm sure you've gathered by now that I could go on and on, so I'll wrap it up. My body has changed dramatically over the past eight years but strangely my other half hasn't - funny that. If that were to change I can sure as hell guarantee that my shape won't be what breaks us (I'm extremely messy if you haven't already noticed).

My worth is not dictated by a number or shape and sure as hell does not define whether some one wants to snuggle me at night.

Be healthy, happy and kind - that's what it's all about.