Minimal Makeup Routine

I'm finally back in action and feeling 100% after a long few weeks of being really unwell. Whilst I was ill I was silly enough to make the mistake of dragging myself out of bed and in to the office on a couple of occasions - instant regret. Because of this it felt that minimal makeup was a rather appropriate video topic this weekend after I realised I was well overdue any form of makeup tutorial (but seriously, how did that happen, they're my favourites!) as it's pretty much all I've been wearing recently.

Shout out to the Dior Nude Skin BB Cream for it's flawlessly light coverage and the Estee Lauder Brush on Glow BB Highlighter for it's seriously brightening qualities. Without them I'd forever look like a walking dead extra.

Happy Birthday Lucy

Todays post is dedicated to a very special little someone. Because if your best friends birthdays don't throw your blogging schedule out the window then what else can? Lucy Smart is twenty one years old today and although I can't be celebrating this milestone up north with her I hope she has the most wonderful birthday. I'm going to enjoy stalking her Instagram photos today for sightings of some very exciting presents and can't wait for her to come back to London so I can spoil her myself.

For those of you who don't know Luce, she blogs here (it's a very good blog and I highly recommend you check it out) and is one of the smartest, honest and most loveable girls I've ever met. She also understands the chronic bitch face struggle and shares my love of Orphan Black, monochrome clothing, and small dogs.

Here's to another year of matching haircuts, tattoos and piercings. Not to mention countless enabled purchases, new burger joints, hour long skype calls and seriously ugly snapchats.

Happy Birthday Lucy.

The Sunday Post: Mange Tout.

Last weekend Josh and I decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at a little bistro not too far from our front door. It was pre-fashion week for me, so I completely justified this by claiming I'd need the energy. I'd been to Mange Tout a few times over the past two years and hadn't been overly impressed with the service, but decided to give it another go as I was hungry and their poached eggs are just heavenly.

The service was much better this time around (although when ever we eat out with Nala in tow the service always seems to be spot on - I don' think that's a coincidence). Our food arrived rather swiftly - Josh had a ham and cheese croissant and I had eggs royal - and we sat for a good hour with a pot of tea chatting about our plans with the occasional hint of stupidity from yours truly. Recently I've been coming out with the most stupid comments in conversation - although Josh and I laugh a lot about it I'm now very aware of this when I talk to anyone else. DOH.

Overall I was really pleased with our choice of breakfast this time round, the only thing I could ask for is a slightly more varied menu - but then again when you make the best poached eggs in Brighton you don't really need an extensive menu.

This weekend we've tried not to eat out too much, I've been trying to stick to healthy(-er) breakfasts and have been so busy that I just haven't had time to even pop out for coffee. It's worked out well really considering I have a super busy few days this week and the first week of October is bound to be full of rubbish food (10 October points if you can guess why?).

Shoe Storage.

When Josh and I first moved in to our new flat the first problem we encountered was a severe lack of space for shoes. Josh actually owns more than the average number of shoes and I'm sure it's not hard to imagine that my collection filled two (or three) packing boxes. We had a clear out as an interim solution, but as time went on, more and more shoes were being lined up down the hall way, or pairs just being dropped in various corners of the house. When I say this you probably imagine something off of Pinterest - shoes dropped on top of magazine stacks or book cases. But it was never that pretty.

When we went to Ikea I had a firm idea of what I wanted for shoe storage. Everyone thought I was mental, but I was set on the white ladder shelves (most commonly displayed for use in the bathroom) to store our shoes. I'd wanted these shelves for so long anyway, and was a tad disappointed when we moved in and I realised there wasn't the wall space for them in our bathroom - but the hallway? In the words of Despicable Me: "Lightbulbbbbbbbb".

The shelves worked perfectly for our shoes in the end (phew - I'm now an interior genius, instead of crazy) as some shelves are longer and some shorter - perfect for the size 11/size 4 divide. There's a lot of space between the last shelf and the floor, so there are a few taller pairs shoes under there as well - leaving plenty of space for plants. 

I don't think I've ever been so happy with shoe organisation - Mumma October would be proud.

London Fashion Week: Day Two

On Saturday morning I threw a mixture of clothes in to my bag and headed to London for a couple of LFW presentations and backstage visits. I decided to keep my schedule quiet and a little more achievable in terms of timings this year (6:30am trains are not the one) and also made sure I put a little more thought in to what I was throwing in to my bag than last year. Everything had to be light and easily carried in my Zara bag, so for both days I wore skirts. Unfortunately my outfit for day three was never photographed (thank goodness as I dropped gravy all down myself at brunch), but I made sure to get some snaps of my first outfit and even ended up on the Stylists Top 15 for day two! 

Unsurprisingly it was all black - whenever I feel nervous about a situation where your outfit is going to be looked at I always wear all black - with just my bag for a little autumnal colour. I'd definitely recommend this bag if you're in the market for a new one, I'll talk through it more later this week but I packed SO much stuff into it for the weekend and it never felt too heavy or looked like it was overflowing.

Oh and just to touch on the shoes - they're my new ASOS babies but they have absolutely murdered my feet (with some help from my Topshop boots earlier in the week). I'm now in foot recovery. Bunny slippers 4 lyf.


Updated Skincare Routine

Aside from the weeks where I consume slices of pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner (it happens - someone get me an intervention), my skin is usually pretty good. For the past six months I've been trying to keep the products I use at a minimum and as consistent as possible. I very rarely try out new products anymore because keeping my routine consistent has done wonders for my skin. Everything I use fits perfectly in to my tiny Ikea bedside table drawer (aside from my cleanser which lives in the bathroom) and although some of the products I use are quite pricey, I'm no longer splashing out on skincare every time my face decides to have a little moment too - so both my skin and bank account are benefitting greatly from this. Not to mention my beauty stash no longer takes over a third of the house...

Clarins One Step Water Cleanser
Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel 
La Roche Posay Serozinc (not sold in the UK)
Sarah Chapman Hydrating Booster*
Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial
Origins Make a Difference Plus Moisturiser
Origins Make a Difference Plus Treatment
Keihls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm