hello october.

by Suzie Bonaldi




*Paid collaboration with Astrid & Miyu*

One of the huge perks of upsizing when we moved was the chance at having a space to get ready in, a space to throw my extra clothes and shoes (oh my gosh I never realised how many shoes I owned until they had their own room - where were they before?!) and jewellery. I guess it's a dressing room of sorts? Part dressing room/beauty room/office, it's a slash-y of a room! A place to store the things I have too much of - mainly the afore mentioned jewellery, shoes and, of course, beauty products. Fun fact, the top drawer of this chest alone currently stores jewellery boxes. I need to sort things out and cut down, but just to give you an idea of scale, that's the stage things are currently at!

Extreme hoarding aside, today I thought I'd give you a little peek at what I'm keeping on top of my dresser. There's a full tour for this room coming to my channel soon, but until then I thought it might satisfy some curious eyes and feed my need to post photos of this set up - it's quite cute and I'm really pleased (/smug) about it. The chest of drawers itself is the Kiera Chest of Drawers from Oliver Bonas I'd dreamed of owning this for so long and I was so pleased to have been able to fit it in to this space. Balanced on top is the Metal Framed Round Wall Mirror from West Elm - another item I've loved for so long and was so happy that I found a spot in the house that was just calling out for it.

On the right of the dresser we have a cute pot from H&M Home (originally meant for toothbrushes I think?) that houses my Powder Blue makeup brushes from Real Techniques, a pink face brush from Guerlain that I can't bring myself to use, Fleur De Force Brow Pencils and a Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Rollerball (yup, get thee to a Sephora, they exist). Nestled around it is one of my favourite Diptyque fragrances and the most adorable cactus jewellery holder from the Zoella Lifestyle range! This is where I keep a lot of my earrings and rings stored right now as the dish in my bedroom is overflowing and things are looking a tad tragic. 

My current jewellery favourites are from Astrid and Miyu, a jewellery brand I've been a long time fan of for their gorgeous ear cuffs, but their earrings and rings are equally as stunning. The brand is based in London and their contemporary jewellery pieces play with juxtaposition beautifully, mixing both classic and edgy designs, which is one of the reasons why I've become so fond of them. Their cuffs, which they are best known for, are designed to be worn both alone and stacked together, and have so many different variations of metals and stones, from dainty rose gold cuffs to more edgy gunmetal and gold pieces. The variety of metals and stones ranges through all their collections, from earrings right through to necklaces. With so many options to choose from, and so many combinations to play with, there really is something unique for everyone. 

My current favourites are the gold wishbone ear cuffs with the black stones as they add an edgy feel to something quite dainty and feminine (a good example of how Astrid and Miyu take something very feminine and give it more of an edge). Today I'm wearing the gold and rose gold fiztgerald cuffs with the clear stones as it works nicely with the rose gold Zodiac earrings, which are super dainty and I've been wearing them so much recently. But a lot of the time I enjoy mixing a lot of their fitzgerald ear cuffs together with their wishbone ear cuffs, mixing golds and gunmetals for a more edgy feel. For rings I have the Double Bewitched Ring in Silver and these delicate little Astrid and Miyu "The Perfect One" rings. Sometimes I wear just one alone, but more often I stack all three together, and the metals when worn in the right order blend really nicely together. The perfect mixed metal look!


Then we have the constant littering of makeup that is often strewn across the surface. In addition to testing products at my desk, this is also a space where I have a good old play with new things. New in favourites include the YSL All Hours Foundation (oh my god it's SO GOOD), the Glossier Haloscope Highlighter in Topaz and the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette. The Glossier Stretch Concealer and By Terry Baume De Rose have become permanent fixtures that I keep out to sooth and cover the aftermath of makeup experiments.

To the left of the mirror we have Chanel No.5 (because it's pretty), Jo Malones Basil & Neroli and one half of an Oliver Bonas Quartz Book End (seriously the most beautiful and decorative book ends I've ever seen) to balance things out. The grey of the crystal matches a few of the drawers on the chest so nicely - as a matter of fact a lot of the accessories on top match a drawer on the chest - it's all ended up being very colour co-ordinated!


*sponsored by Homesense*

Welcome back to part two of my lovely little (or, errr, not so little) Homesense haul! If you missed the first one or you're not familiar with the homeware wonderland that is Homesense, you can read all about it in my previous post here! It showcases all of the pieces that I bought for our Bedroom, and it really was the cherry on top of the icing in finishing the furnishing of that room.

Today I'm talking through all of the bits and bobs I picked up for our living space - so living room, dining area and kitchen!

First up, can we please just take a moment for the Pumpkin mug (£7.99)? It's so unbelievably cute I just couldn't leave it in the store! In addition to great everyday essentials and lovely unique pieces, Homesense is also great for seasonal items, whether it's Halloween decorations or Autumnal floral wreaths, Christmas accessories or the perfect summer picnic pieces, they do it all. This mug will be perfect with a warm chocolate drink and some marshmallows on those cosy autumn evenings - just the thought of it brings me so much joy!

Then we have this gorgeous furry stool, a very "on trend" (for lack of a better, less cringy term) home accessory at the moment. This cost £59.99 and I was so happy with the price as others I'd seen were so much more! I also love the wooden legs verses the more common gold legs - it makes it a little more subtle and will help it to stand the test of time a little better! It works nicely in our living room as you can pop your feet up on it, but also use it to hold a tea tray or your laptop too. It works really nicely with the abundance of baskets in the room too (all from Homesense), the newest one is a lovely round multi-toned one that keeps our extra cushions (and a few of the new puppies toys) neat and tidy!

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, this pumpkin and almond candle (£5.99) smells delicious and is the perfect transition in to autumn as the almond fragrance gives the pumpkin a little bit more of a fresh smell, so our home doesn't smell of sickly sweet pumpkin just yet! But oh, just you wait! To keep our candles out on our dining table and save us using our coasters on that end of the room, we now have this grey marble slate (£12.99), the quality is amazing and looks lovely on our dark wood dining table. It works really well under our extra bowls/plates we might have whilst eating dinner too! Speaking of - I picked up some new textured bowls (£3.99 each) are such a perfect size, and seeing as we use bowls far more than we use plates, I thought it best to stock up on some new ones! I also picked up this pink ramekin (for £2.99!!!) which is perfect for housing my side salads or guacamole and is way cuter than the old chipped white one I've had for years now!

And finally, new doggie bowls!!! These monochrome spotty bowls with a gold trim are just an actual dream. I've never seen such gorgeous pet accessories and though Homesense always comes through with great dog toys, I so impressed by this! I actually need to go see if they have any left over in store so Rory can have the same set when she's bigger!

And that is it! I feel like this haul helped me so much in finalising the last few bits I needed for our new house, so a big thank you to Homesense for making all my home interior dreams come true! If you haven't already watched the home haul where I buy all of the above, head over and watch it here. Also keep your eyes peeled for my first room tour which will be coming this month!


So by now we all know about my love of home wear, so when Homesense asked me to take part in their secret sharers campaign I couldn't say no. I jumped in the car, grabbed my friend Alix and we drove out to one of the biggest stores in the south to find the perfect pieces for my new house.

The store was huge, and I found SO many beautiful things (you can see them all together in this haul here), it also had a TK Maxx joined on to the store as it's part of the TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx if you're US based) family. It's great for everyday essentials but also really unique pieces and the stock changes super frequently, so there are always new and amazing pieces to find - you can also buy everything for up to 60% off their original retail price - did you need more reasons to visit?

After scouting out every inch of the store (and making two trips to the till), I had a tonne of amazing new pieces for both our bedroom and living area. Today I'll be running through the new additions to the bedroom and how I styled them! The bedroom is one of my favourite rooms in the house, and is an absolute joy to work on. Though it was almost 99% done before our trip, I actually found the perfect large piece of furniture to add to the room - totally unintentional as I'd planned on leaving the space bare but the gorgeous grey herringbone armchair was too perfect to leave behind. It just about fit in the car but fitted in to our little nook by the shutters perfectly. It also cost me £159.99 which for this style of chair is such a saving I couldn't believe it! I added our coral fur pillows (a previous Homesense purchase from a few weeks back, costing £34) to add a little pop of colour. We also bought a tan coloured fur rug (£34.99) which slotted in perfectly to the side of it, and a tan and gold planter which sits perfectly to the side - all four make the perfect little nook in the corner of our bedroom and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

To go with the more natural colour palette we've introduced to the bedroom I also picked up this fringed cushion (£24.99), which almost has an aztec pattern to it, I love it and it fits in perfectly with all of the baskets and tan tones of the bedroom. The final purchases were perfect for my bedside table  - the copper candle with a real marble top that cost £7.99 and smells so citrusy and fresh, followed by an everyday basic that has a little bit more of a luxury feel to it - but without the matching price tag! These marble coasters with the rose gold foil around the rim go perfectly with our green marble side tables, but also match the neutral tones of the room perfectly, and at £9.99 I couldn't be more pleased!

Don't forget to check out the Come Shopping With Me vlog for all the details and to see what else they have in store! Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I'll be showing you everything I bought for our living room and kitchen!

Find your nearest Homesense store here!

Well hello there, September. 

This week marks the turn of the Summer, the cooler weather is starting to creep in (I can actually sleep under the covers now without overheating), XFactor is back, the stores are full of new autumnal pieces and I'm starting to get reacquainted with this thing called a "jacket"...  I love autumn but I have to say I'm going to miss the feeling of sunshine on my skin, rarely wearing shoes, wearing the prettiest floral summer dresses and picnics in the park. I don't think I'll ever forget the summer of 2017, as it really has been one of my favourites, full of friends, nice memories and new beginnings. But before we jump straight in to what lies ahead, I thought I'd recap below on the past month, and what's been going on (and why I've been so quiet over here!) 


The past couple of months saw the start of something new, and it's really exciting. My new side-gram @hellooctoberathome was born just over a month ago, on a spur of the moment whilst typing out #hellooctoberathome on to my interiors captions. I thought it would make a great Instagram handle and upon checking, lo and behold it was available. I snapped up the handle, unsure of whether I would EVER use it - to only go the whole hog and begin posting on it ten minutes later. Sometimes the best decisions aren't mulled over for weeks or heavily planned out and just come from a place of pure joy, and that's what Hello October At Home is all about, my new home which brings me utter joy. If you haven't already, come over and join the community. I spend so much time sourcing the perfect pieces to fit our home that it's nice to have a place to showcase it all, especially as interiors is a huge passion of mine. On this account I can go heavy on the interior chat without boring those who follow @hellooctober (new account name - finally ditched the "xo" woo!) for lifestyle and fashion musings.

Gym & Juice

Outside of running all things Hello October related, I've been really prioritising my fitness journey this summer. It's something I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future, rather than just the season. I'm stronger than I've ever been before and I'm actually starting to enjoy working out rather than moaning the whole way through a PT session. I've even started doing at home work outs regularly and my diet and eating routine has improved so much these past few months! I actually started filming my meals over a few weeks as well as my work outs (you can watch here and here) and it's something I'm actually enjoying and throwing myself in to without fear of judgment and I'm feeling really good about that.


Oh, did you hear? I actually went on holiday! Not the kind where we bring the camera and I work and shoot whilst I'm away. The kind where you lay in the sun, eat Pringles, swim and read books over and over in Portugal until it's time to go home. It was utter bliss. We took a few photos so they may make their way over here sometime soon if you're interested? Admittedly I did document my outfits in this video here if you're interested in getting a glimpse in to our vacay.

The Calm Before The Storm

Of course I'm doing that thing where I psych myself up before a big workload, but September means it's nearly October and October means VLOGTOBER. Are you even ready? I've loved documenting my life so much this summer that I'm actually excited to ramp things up again in October and December. I'm also hoping a little something might change around these parts ready for the occasion so keep your eyes peeled (and cross your fingers for me)!

LAST MINUTE EDIT: Oh, and we have a new puppy... More on that soon.

The Outfit

As if we didn't already know, by the fact I'm constantly showing new home purchases in videos, or the fact I made a whole instagram account (@hellooctoberathome) for the subject, I'm obsessed with home interiors. I always have been, but until recently I didn't have the space to really go the whole hog with furnishings, accessories and a good lick of paint (oh yeah, you wait for the paint part).  Now that there's nothing holding me back, I physically have to hold myself back or I could literally go absolutely nuts and spend a fortune on things that just aren't practical.

With that in mind, I've not been one for too many scattered trinkets when shopping for home pieces this time around. After our last place I was so stick of open shelving and cluttered displays that I really wanted everything to be streamlined and clean this time around. The decorative pieces I've been searching for serve more of a purpose and, whilst I'm almost at a good place where we have everything we need, there are are still a few more bits and bobs I'm drooling over - et voila - todays post idea was born. These are my Top Home Wear Picks This Week!

So let's get started with all things pink and fuzzy, this stool from West Elm is something I've been all heart eyed over for so long. It looks super cute and adds a nice bit of texture to a room and for a shorty like myself, makes sitting on most chairs a little more comfortable! The matching cushion is also super dreamy, though lots of you may have seen last week I managed to find some really similar cushions in Homesense and was over the moon at the saving in price! Oliver Bonas also have some similar more affordable alternatives in stock right now too! Speaking of West Elm though, I might have purchased this tasseled little number this week and am so excited for it's arrival. it's another piece that adds a little texture to a bedspread or couch.  I'm also super in to their little gold planters too, not to mention this marble door stop, and the beautiful gold round mirror that might be sitting next to me in my office as I type this...

As we have such a large living space to fill (a novelty that I'm not sure will ever wear off after our last tiny living room), the search for armchairs and seating feels never ending. We always want our furniture to be comfortable, but also look amazing too and to potentially be versatile enough to move around the house depending on our needs. So I've has my eye on this little "space chair" (my name for it - doesn't it just look like the future?!) from Oliver Bonas as well as this footstool and I'm currently deliberating between the two. Then we have these gorgeous blue velvet dinging chairs from Made - another purchase I'm currently sitting on as we're forever back tracking on our dining table situation - do we want a bench set up or a new table or just new chairs? We just don't know.

And then there are the last few decorative accessories I'm uhmming over, these West Elm coasters are beyond beautiful and will make the perfect addition to my crystal/precious stone coaster collection (I have quite the collection, I know, but you'd be surprised how many visitors + drinks we constantly have around. I'm really in to blue right now and these have really caught my eye. Then we have what might be my final planter purchase of the year these concrete/stone beauties would look perfect on the corner of our marble fireplace (still can't get over the fact we ended up with a marble fireplace either) with a cute little banana plant inside. YASSS.



When it comes to outfits for those summer days and nights, the perfect "all day-er" can often be a little tricky to master. You want something that's light and breathable to get you through the warmest parts of the day, and something that has enough material and looks great with other layers to shield you once the evening chill sets in. This year I've been a huge fan of maxi and midi dresses, as they fit the previously mentioned criteria, and look chich AF. Daytime: throw on a pair on sunnies and sandals and you're good to go. By night: Make sure your jewellery has something statement to it and add a jacket and there's no need to run home and change! Keep your sandals simple and comfortable and there's no need to switch them up - because heels really are the devil and summer evenings are all about that carefree life, not blister plasters...

When it comes to midi and maxi dresses, ASOS are one of my favourites. There's so much choice and so many different prints - so if you love one style, but not the print, there's a good chance they'll have it in a few different patterns or shades. Who doesn't love having options? This summer I'm loving the ASOS Woven Wrap Maxi Maxi Beach dresses - the perfect slinky maxi but in a number of different colour ways. They work for both the beach and drinks at the bar and this red number combined with my new hair cut has an amazing Marilyn Monroe vibe that I love! I paired it with the ASOS Wide Flique Leather Sandals - the neutral tan shade grounds the bright colour of the dress and makes it slightly more casual and boho. Continuing with the more boho vibe I added the red ASOS Filigree Cord Bracelet - such a simple touch but it works so well - followed by the ASOS Hamsa Multirow Necklace in antique gold. I love the layered look of this piece and it works beautifully with the low neckline of the dress (if you're more of a t-shirt and jeans girl then i'd highly recommend this with a low V neck to add a little more texture and detail!) 

And then we have the neutral and slightly nautical ASOS Beach Maxi Dress in Fibre Stripe. This one has a similar v shaped neckline, but depending on your height, this halter neck style leaves room to decide just how low the neckline sits! I paired the ASOS Hamsa Multirow Necklace in antique gold with this again, but a simple dainty choker (or a few layered up) would work perfectly. The dress is a slightly busier print so extra accessories aren't necessarily needed, but the ASOS Semi Circle Fan Earrings add a simple statement and quickly pull the look together a little more. Though a little more casual in it's design from the front, this dress has a gorgeous backless detail to it, which makes it a perfect transitional piece for summer evenings too. Keeping to my flats only rule, I threw on the ASOS Flery Leather Flat Sandals. Their pale pink tone works perfectly with the beachy neutral tones of the dress and of course, my ASOS Denim Jacket worked perfectly too.

And, as always, a basket bag always completes a summer outfit! ASOS have a great selection of basket bags and general summer bags which you can find in the shop section below!

Happy Summer Dressing!




I don't know why I'm suddenly all about the basket bags (or wicker/jute/straw, whatever you want to call them), especially given they've been around since what feels like the beginning of time, but it finally happened and I'm totally embracing it. It all started with a small addition from Zara, but since then I've build quite the collection, with my favourites being a little harder to find. The above circular bag is from a little store on tidy street in Brighton (though there are similar but pricier one's here and WAY pricier one's here) for a whole £25 - so much cheaper than most I've seen! I would say this one is my favourite by far, but I recently purchased a new addition... My little round bag from Etsy, another round bag, but with a darker tone and not quite as spacious. It looks super cute with all my summer dresses and is great for a more casual occasion where my bright orange mini Mulberry doesn't feel as appropriate.

Then there's the "everything and the kitchen sink option, this one was a gift so I'm not entirely sure where my exact one is from, but there are similar items in the shop section below! This one is my favourite for days out and picnics where I need to carry a lot of stuff. I mean let's face it I mostly fill it with food... But they also make great accessories for your home when not in use - sometimes mine houses cushions or blankets, and sometimes my floordrobe migrates in to it and looks like a cute mess in the corner instead of on the floor. Totally timeless and multi-purpose!


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