"That Scarf"

You know the drill, you go to Zara for a return, you browse, you exit having made an exchange and spent even more money than you spent in the first place. Sound familiar? Sometimes I can't get over the fact that there is NO other high street store (for me) where that happens - damn you Zara.

Above is a small part of the afore mentioned exchange that took place (one that I'm referring to as "that scarf" due to the crazy amount of questions I've had on it!) - Luce originally picked it up and remarked at how similar it was to one she purchased last year - one that I happened to love and forever wished it was mine. You can imagine my delight when she put it down and walked away. MINE.

Monochrome, finely kitted, with a pattern that matches my new blog header perfectly. There isn't anything I don't love about it. Depending on how you fold it you can have it wrapped around or simply draped around my neck (as worn above), falling down to thigh level. I love the fact that it is just the right length when folded horizontally (instead of diagonally at the corners it is the perfect length for me -  I hate it when you buy a scarf and no matter how you fold it, it falls to your knees.

It's really lovely and thick, so when I'm feeling a bit rough (read: drank too much gin the night before), I like to wrap it around my neck and hide half my face in it. Great for hangovers, but also really cold days too - so practical!

My New Foundation BFF

Some of you might have spotted the little impromptu haul that took place on one fine Saturday morning a few weeks back (FYI - if you missed it it's here). One of the stars of the show that made it's way into my daily routine has been the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Fiji. This one has been on my "to buy" list for well over two years now - after being "the thing" when I first started vlogging - how I managed to pass it by for so long is beyond me. When ever I've watched a Tanya Burr or Vivianna Does Makeup video and thought their skin looked particularly perfect, they've been using this, and I can confirm that I feel the exact same way about it on my face! I've been working on a lot of videos recently where this has been worn and it just seems to surpass anything else. Like magic - Nars have found perfection, bottled it and sold it *applauds*.

You've probably heard the spiel over and over - medium coverage with some serious glow. It works well as a light foundation when used sparingly, but for me medium coverage status is where it's at (just don't try and go any further as things can look a little scary). Its also packs an amazing glow, unlike anything else I own, more dewy than G.A Luminous Finish, but more glow-giving than YSL Touche Eclat - like a beautiful mix of the two.

My only gripe? It lives up to the break out warning that you see on so many reviews - my skin definitely gets a lot more congested with dewier foundations so if this is something you struggle with - I have a tip! I got sick of letting great foundations break me out a long time ago, and after some trial and error, I discovered that using the Dr Jart BB Cream under the likes of YSL and Nars creates a barrier between your skin and the foundation (and makes things look a whole lot more perfect too) - yes, it does mean purchasing a second product so you can use the one you already have, but I completely justify it by the fact that it allows you to make use of an otherwise un-usable product (plus it is the bomb on it's own - but that rave train has been already).

Are you a Sheer Glow lover? Let me know in the comments as I feel like this is one of those marmite products (fortunately I quite like marmite)...

The Brow Routine

My brow filling/shaping routine has been on my list of things to do for the longest time now. I finally got round to uploading it yesterday so I hope it doesn't disappoint. It's always pointed out that my prows are pretty good on their own and don't need much attention at all - a little plucking on the underside (NEVER the top) and trimming of the hairs that get a little wild - because they do get WILD. If you ever meet my dad then you'll understand where I get this from...

More than anything my routine involves making the edges much smoother and sharper, partially to even them up and make them more sisters than cousins six times removed and partially because I'm a life long fan of the mac makeup artist tag on Instagram (life long fan in terms of Instagram life). If the strong brows aren't quite your thing and you're interested in seeing what they look like on a "natural but filled in" day then there might be a video for you coming up fairly soon!


The Sunday Post: Flour Pot Bakery

Last weekend Josh and I did something pretty special. We woke up before 9am and we're out in Brighton in time for breakfast. Nothing short of a miracle. Nala is now walk-able after having all of her jabs, so of course we took her with us - in fact she very rarely leaves our side now. I just love taking her everywhere - apart form when you need to get somewhere in a hurry - you can't get down the road without someone stopping to ask about her. We went to the Flour Pot Bakery, a new-ish little place on Sydney Street which is possibly the most perfect little shop in my eyes, from food and decor to branding - It's the kind of place I'd want to own (not just for the free bread - which is delicious by the way). 

We drank coffee and tried some of their amazing sandwiches alongside trading photos of Nala for some snaps of the interior. The staff were amazingly lovely and we sat for ages, frequently chatting to passers by. I don't think I could love living down this part of Brighton more if I tried, everyone is just so nice.

We picked up a large brown loaf of bread to take home with us (large brown sourdough = heavenly) and wandered through the lanes, attempting to do some shopping without being stopped every two seconds, and failing miserably...

Five Failed Vlogs: Part One

This week Josh and I decided to deal with the backlog of boring vlogs we've been stashing since we moved house. Josh edited both of this week's vlogs as otherwise you wouldn't be seeing next weeks vlog until 2015 - things have gotten busaaaay. The routine of slightly more interesting vlogs will resume next Thursday, but until then, here's part one of five failed vlogs. For part two check my channel at 3pm!

Oh Hey Monochrome, We Missed You.

Remember that great run of colour injected style posts? Yeah? Now kiss them goodbye - the summer is slowly starting to fade, making sandals and barely there camis an unwise choice. Good timing really as my favourite metallic sandals (yup, those Aldo ones that haven't left my feet for the past two years) bit the dust just yesterday. RIP sandals, I really will miss you. On the bright side it means that I have an excellent excuse to order loads of new shoes - i'mma be ordering all the brogues and boots *drools*.

Before I write another three paragraphs about autumnal my shoe dreams (yep, I'm starting the dream collection - Vivienne Westwood's I'm coming for ya!), I thought I'd address a few new additions to my wardrobe that we hadn't caught on camera until last week. My Topshop jacket is quite possibly the best transitional jacket I've ever owned. It's light, but not too light, whilst being a very breathable material, so I don't find my temperature fluctuating too much in this. Making it perfect for days when the weather can't make up it's mind or I'm back and forth from Brighton to London (no joke, they're an hour apart but totally different climates) I also love that it looks great with a dress or jeans, despite the fact that it's not a short jacket at all. Well, maybe on most average height gals it might be...

And then we have the Zara dress. A very recent addition to my wardrobe which will be perfect for the Summer/Autumn transition. It's short sleeved, so keeps me a little warmer than a strappy dress and has a simple cut and pattern, so I can easily pair it with boots when things get chilly, all the while still allowing me to keep the bare legs going. Tights just don't feel right just yet!