Thursday, 24 July 2014

Just Landed: Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows

It's very rare that I get excited for an eyeshadow launch. I only own the first Naked palette and my Charlotte Tilbery palette has sat unloved for a good six months now. But when Nars release something new, I listen up. They could release a premium toilet roll and I'd be right in there at the front of the queue. So with those two conflicting factors in mind, my review of the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows could easily go one of two ways.

There are 12 shades of the new dual intensity eyeshadow, each with a smooth texture that applies like a dream both dry and wet. I find that finger application works best when dry if you like a stronger pigment, and a wet flat brush is the way forward if you want a stronger, more metallic sheen (little bird tells me they have a specific brush just for these shadows - and by little bird,  I mean it's here.

Creasing and wear time is always down to individual differences, but I've had no trouble with these so far. The only reason why I sit firmly on the fence is due to the shade range. "Dione" is my favourite with its light, cool toned gold pigment. Callisto and Surba (shown above) are also beautiful, but the shades just don't lend themselves well to olive skin tones (well, in my opinion anyway), Himalaya is the only shade I'd consider picking up out of the collection. I much prefer the warmer, more bronzed shades you can find in Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown offerings, so hopefully if these do well Nars will expand the collection a little further.

TLDR: Beautiful formula, would like more bronze-y shades. Over and out.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A New Arrival

Less than 48 hours ago, Josh and I went to "see" a few little bundles of fluff who were local and needed a new home. If you've seen my twitter since then you'll already know we bought one home. I've had a couple of questions already, so I thought I'd put together some answers and just generally apologise in advance if I disappear on social media whilst settling ma gurl in ;)

We had always planned on getting a male pup, so when faced with a pack of girls, we were a little short on names. Naturally I trawled through my mental library of disney girl names and pulled Nala out of the hat. It was the one name that fitted without being too "human" or too silly.

Nala is a Pomchi, her mum is a lilac Chihuahua and her dad is a chocolate Pomeranian. She's nowhere near as fluffy as a pomeranian pup, so we think she'll end up looking like a fluffy Chihuahua - full sized, no teacup pup here.

We saw Nala along with her mum, sister and half sisters and chose her for a few reasons. She wasn't too needy, wanting to cuddle the second we sat down, and she wasn't too crazy either. Just happy to do her own thing, but equally as happy to be held or play. She's incredibly quiet at the moment and a little timid, but i'm sure this is something she'll grow out of very fast.

Her first night in her new home was okay, she only ended up crying for 40 minutes in one stint during the night, although we suspect the next few will be a totally different story - luckily our neighbour swore she didn't hear a thing! At the time of writing this we also managed to have her do her business outdoors for the first time (a high five totally happened between Josh and I). She also has her first vet appointment today for a health check, vaccinations (let's get her out and walking about asap) and micro chipping.

It's all happened very fast and I may have had a mini "ahhh, change!" moment yesterday, but a quick cuddle with her soon perked me up and I do love her so much already. She has a lovely temperament and I don't think we would have taken any pup from that litter except her.

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Lazy Girls Guide To: Summer Hair

You know me and my huurrrr, we're pretty chilled. It's a frizzy mess naturally but with a little prep straight after washing it stays sleek and straight with minimal maintenance until my next wash. This leaves me with the predicament of what to do in between. With very little time to dedicate to my mop on an everyday basis, I need something that's quick and looks put together. At the moment this ranges from an attack of the straighteners to messy braids, so I thought I'd put together a video of my four favourite super speedy, minimal effort hairstyles for your viewing pleasure.

Check the info box on my channel for all the deets on styling tools and accessories. Don't forget to let me know which looks you liked best and whether you'd like to see a series of "Lazy Girl Guides"!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Sunday Post: All The Cake.

 I've had more than a fair share of trips to London in the past week and I'm looking forward to kissing the tube goodbye for at least a whole week! On Thursday I took a slightly longer lunch and met Katie at Ozone for a spot of cake (Mmmmmm). It was incredibly hot and we weren't really too hungry, so we split a chocolate and peanut butter muffin and chocolate brownie. As you can see we were straight in there choosing our designated halves, but were unable to get half way as they were just too big for our wee tummies.

Ozone is a really lovely cafe, not too far from Old Street tube station, I'd definitely recommend popping by if you're in the area. Their freezer was broken this week (booo!) but a little bird (a.k.a the menu) tells me they normally do milkshakes. I need to go back and get involved in that.

During typing this, I've done what I usually do to you guys and have made myself incredibly hungry. I think it's time I woke the mister up and dragged him out for breakfast. Keep an eye on my Instagram for a sneak peek...

Friday, 18 July 2014

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm

I am currently all aboard the bank breaking-ly beautiful Aesop bandwagon. At the moment my latest love is the Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm. Yes, a hand cream. Boring story of the week, I know but it just leaves my hands so darn soft and I felt the need to alert y'all to this fact.

It has a lovely woody, citrus kind of smell - the kind people can somehow smell from across the office and instantly pop up like meer kitties (*ahem* I mean meerkats)  to see what smells so good. I usually have a lot of peeling skin around my cuticles which I then peel off when I'm stressed. I know, I know, TMI. This post just gets better and better right? Luckily I don't have to worry about that any more as this really has done the trick at keeping my hands hydrated.

The only downer here as with most Aesop products is the price, I'm lucky enough to get a pretty hefty discount off my bestie and am on the fence as to whether I would repurchase without it. But if you ever find yourself with a discount code I'd definitely flag it as a luxury hand cream to pick up. But just in case you a bit of a perfectionist, I'm telling you now the tube does not stay that pristine...

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Six Summer Outfits

Summer is one of my favourite seasons to dress for. There's a simplicity that you can't possibly achieve in the winter months. There's still a lot of all black outfits going on, but a handful of pretty summer dresses and colourful shorts thrown in. There's a lot of ugly shoes and trainers filling my wardrobe this summer too. I know, who'da thunk it? I've put together six of my current most worn outfit with most of my favourite summer pieces. You get to see said ugly shoe's and even an appearance from the boy... Pushing the boat out here people.

All of the outfit info has been listed in the description box, so make sure you check there for the details.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Just Landed: The Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

A.K.A... a hefty contender for my favourite collection of the year. There have been a few amazing new releases lately, so I'm not putting all of my brushes in one pot, but it's a strong contender, carrying a little something for everyone. The second I saw the sheer lipsticks and palettes in this collection I saw what I can only call the beauty equivalent to dollar signs.

The Surf and Sand Palettes* are a travelling beauty addicts dream. Two palettes with eight shadows in each. Sand holds a beautiful variety of matte and shimmering neutral shades, and Surf carries a combination of matte nudes and shimmering pastels. It goes without saying that the Sand palette is my match made in heaven. There isn't a colour in the palette that I won't use and they all have just the right amount of warmth to them for my skin tone.

If you're a colour lover then the Surf palette will be far more up your street. For me the pastel shades will make amazing liners and if my second festival of the year wasn't a heavy metal one I would totally don this - I'll save it for some summer parties instead!

And then we have my last two favourites from the collection, the Sheer Lip Colour in Peach Sorbet* - a beautiful sheer peachy pink and the Longwear Eye Pencil in Bronze* - a rich, deep golden bronze. The lipstick lasts as well as any sheer lip colour - but it's the colour that's got me hooked. I'm actually having a serious talk with myself about stocking up on it as it won't be around forever. Decisions...

The Longwear Eye Pencil stays fairly true to it's long lasting claims - definitely a contender for a holiday beauty bag - and is just the most beautiful colour. It's fairly easy to smoke out if you grab a flat tipped brush straight after applying too. I have a tiny amount on in the photos above, just lightly smoked out in the outer corner to widen my eyes.

My only gripes? The lip pencil is limited edition *cries* and the shimmery shades in the palettes aren't quite as finely milled as I would prefer. Not bad at all really. I'm off to London today so you might just see me lingering around a Bobbi Brown counter considering the stock up of Peach Sorbet - the Brightening Blushes look pretty perfect too. Shall I just kiss my money goodbye now?


Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Sunday Post: Home Comforts

It's been three weeks since we moved into our new home (although it feels like longer), and to say I'm really happy here doesn't quite cover how I feel. Moving has made me realise something I thought I already knew: liking the space you live in is so incredibly important. It changes the way you prioritise your life and the way you interact with the people you share it with.

When we lived in our last flat, I was constantly out - either working, with friends or in London and when Josh and I were talking about getting a pet back then we thought it might force me to spend more time and put everything (relationships included) first. I feel like I'm stepping into slightly deep territory here but I looking back I wasn't happy in that space for a long time (I say a long time... we were there for a little over 9 months), it might have had beautiful fire places and high ceilings, but it also had a lot of problems and just wasn't right for us.

The second we had all of our things in place in our new flat it felt like home. It felt like a home that you could have friends round to, that you could have pets in (and can have pets in - wooo). Our landlords seem to be completely on our wave length and we can change anything we like. Most importantly they genuinely wanted us to be happy here which completely warms my heart. I false joked the other day to them that I was never leaving. I AM NEVER LEAVING.

Having a space to live in that is perfect for us has changed how we spend our time in it. It's changed how we treat our possessions and ourselves. Although we plan on having pets now, it's not this that will be keeping me grounded, it's the fact that I love coming home (well, providing I don't walk into spiderwebs on the way into the flat). I love cleaning (to the point where I think I'm turning into my mum) and I love spending time in a flat that I love. We're paying more for this flat than our last, and although it's still incredibly reasonably priced for what it is, we don't mind as it's a reflection of our hard work. The only thing I'm not loving? I've become that "no shoes on the carpet" person. DOH.