Thursday, 24 April 2014

Just Landed: Liz Earl Spring/Summer

Way back in January I got to have a look at a few new pieces from Liz Earl and completely forgot about them until just recently (Oops). I'm not sure if that's an indication of how I felt about them at the time, but I've been giving them another go and feel it's about time to give my two cents...

The Strengthening Nail Colours in Moonlight (blue/grey) and Awakening (peachy/pink) are limited edition polishes for Spring/Summer. As with the other L.E polishes I like the formula and the packaging, however I do wish there was just a third colour in the range as I don't think these two appeal to everybody. Moonlight is my favourite of the two - you know I love a grey - it's a muted parma violet grey and, despite being grey, it really does catch peoples attention. Awakening is a warm girly pink - one I think will only really look good on darker skin tones. I could be wrong, but all I know right now is that is really does look so wrong on me!

I've also been trying out the Natural Glow Bronzor. At first I thought that this was going to be far too pale and lacking in pigment for me, but it's not as sheer as you would think it to be and gives a lovely warm glow. Thanks to the different tones in each quarter, a swirl of my brush means the colour is just right for me, not too orange but not too muddy. It also has a subtle sheen - nothing glittery - just a beautiful glow. It's become a staple in my makeup bag over the past few weeks.

Have you picked any of these up recently? If so let me know what you thought!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

All Black Everything

Sometimes I feel like my outfit posts aren't a true representation of how I look the majority of the time. For one day a week you get to see something that has more thought than 5 out of 7 days worth of outfits. This week I thought I'd introduce you to my go to outfit. This is a combination that I don't think looks as good on camera as it makes me feel - is that weird? IDK...

I picked up my a-line top from Cos last year and have never let go of it. It's black and so slouchy i'll probably keep it before during and after I have children (thinking ahead here) as the quality is amazing, but the fit works so that it sits right no matter what size or shape you are. You can't really see if for the leather jacket, but at the moment it's rather roomy, and was worn on this particular day for three reasons: 1) I was going out for dinner (no worries on a food baby sighting in this one) 2) I'd had a curry the night before (so I had an already existing food baby) and 3) I was a little bit not on form after getting in at 5:30am and this top always makes me feel a little more "together".

It's long enough to almost be a dress on me, but just not quite, so I threw it on over tights and a bodycon skirt. I have a new leather jacket from Dortothy Perkins to replace my old Miss Selfridge one, it's slightly more fitted which makes my outfits look a little more dressy, so that came along too. My boots are from Miss Selfridge, and they're the only part of this outfit which I'm not 100% on. I'm not sure they do anything for elongating your legs, so I think I'll be sticking to my ASOS and Topshop faves next time I wear this combination.



*PR Sample

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Daily Face: Neutral As Usual

Last week something pretty exciting happened - Josh finally rescued my MAC quad from behind our wardrobe. It had taken a tumble months ago and I hadn't been able to use it since - not due to lazyness, but spiders. It's now back in my possession and I couldn't resist using Grain and Charcoal Brown to create a neutral eye look - accompanied by a good contour of the cheeks, a pinky peach blush and a nude lip.

I've also continued to give the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet a bit of loving - I love the matte finish but there's this pesky eczema patch on my forehead that's giving me some serious grief with even the most dewy of foundations - so I stand no chance with this one. Roll on summer when I'm oilier than a portion of bad pub chips - the PLV will be my best friend. At the moment a squidge of the Dior Glow Maximiser Light Boosting Primer (hello longest name ever) is helping to set things right.


Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (10 Beige)
Dior Glow Maximiser Light Boosting Primer
Origins Plantscription Concealer (Shade 1)
Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder
Tarte Amazonian Clay 24-Hour Blush (Tipsy)
MAC Eyeshadows (Grain on the lids & Charcoal Brown in the crease)
L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Silm*
Clinique Super Fine Liner For Brows (02 Soft Brunette)*
Maxfactor False Lash Effect
Revlon Colourboost Matte Balm (Complex)
Maybelline ColourSensational Shine Gloss (Cashmere Rose)


*PR Sample

Monday, 21 April 2014

The Video: Halo Braid Tutorial

A.K.A the one pretty much every single one of you requested! It really is easy peasy, just a simple braid and pin technique. I'm not overly precious about it and I think that adds to the laid back look. Sometimes it looks like a pro did it, but mostly it just looks messy and sometimes like i've slept in it - thats because sometimes I have...

One of the things I love about this is that it fits in really well with most outfits. Sometimes I find that my hair is at an awkward length and looks wrong down, but a ponytail doesn't look right either. So I just end up wearing this most days. It's a little bit more boho than Blair Waldorf due to the messy loose look, which works quite nicely with the majority of my outfits - messy and loose with a bit of something interesting.

Some days I let more front pieces loose or curl them, but most days this is just it. If you prefer things to look really perfect, you can pull the front pieces into the braid so they're not loose. You can also decide where exactly you pin the braid. I tend to pull mine more towards the front of my hair, but you can pin them further back. I just find the way I do it looks better with my little egg head!

Don't forget to tweet me a picture if you try this, I've been loving flicking through all of your photos this weekend - it makes me SO HAPPY! :D

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Sunday Post: Crepes & Milkshakes In Jars

Hands up if you love a beverage served with a stripey straw in a jam jar? Good, I'm assuming (or hoping) most of you as must do - I swear I spend my life photographing them... Last week I went to The Creperie in Brighton for the first time and it has gone straight to the top of my favourite food haunts. Tanya recommended it to me a few weeks ago, so when my friend Stevie and I decided to drag the boyfriends out for breakfast, this was the first place I thought of.

Stevie and I have known each other since we were 15, but we've been so busy over the past few years that we have got a lot of catching up to do. Having seen her for a three hour catch up a few weeks back, we still managed to spend another three hours tucked away on the lower ground floor dining area, chatting away about Nexflix, who's ended up where and - most importantly - a few wedding planning snippets too. No, not for me, for Stevie! Having spent three hours there, we naturally went through two meals worth of food! For starters I opted for the Chorizo and Coleslaw wrap with a Salted Caramel Milkshake (note: their ice cream selection is awesome - making their milkshakes equally as good), and a white chocolate and strawberry concoction for desert. They do everything from breakfast through to dinner menus as well as a create your own option!

Everything about the restaurant is completely pinterest-able, from their white interior and striped branding, to their boldly coloured seats and kitchen utensils dangling on the stair way. The interior was so up my street I wanted to photograph everything!

As I write this, the clock has just hit 00:03, a very bad time to be drafting out foodie posts. I am now incredibly hungry. Midnight snacking never sounded so appealing...

Friday, 18 April 2014

Top 10 Skincare Favourites With Amelia!

A few weeks back Amelia and I filmed out Top Ten Current Skincare Favourites together. Loooong name. We also filmed a Non Beauty Favourites over on her channel. To sum that one up, Amelia brought some really interesting things to the non beauty favourites table and I brought food.

I'm not going to insert any more spoilers here - give it a watch and a thumbs up and let me know if there are any other videos you would like to see us film!

Happy Bank Holiday Friday!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The New Thing: New Wave Nails

I went on a bit of a Topshop nail polish buying spree last week and luckily managed to snap a shot of one of my favourites of the bunch before breaking all my nails (owwies!). New Wave is a beautiful orangey red that reminds me of Essie's "Meet Me At Sunset" - one of my favourite polishes of all time. What's better is that not only is it a cracking dupe it's also cheaper and has a much better formula - lasting a good 5 days on my nails before things start to get a little cracked and chipped.

I know orangey-reds are more of a summer thing for most people, but for me summer is always when things get seriously neon, so more subtle brights always end up being my thing for spring. You may have also noticed that a certain orangey-yellow has been gracing my nails a lot recently too - another one of my favourites from the same spree. But that one may be being saved for next week. Ooooh spoilers...

The Vlog: Interviewing Azzi Glasser With Miss Selfridge

This April Miss Selfridge is launching something rather special, a fragrance and body range created by world-renowned perfumer, Azzi Glasser and the Miss Selfridge team. Being a lover of both Miss Selfridge and all things beauty, I was excited to meet with Azzi and ask her a few questions. She kindly hosted our interview in her beautiful London home - vintage bottles and pieces from her travels fill the white canvas of each room and with her studio packed to the ceiling with perfume bottles – it really was the most Pinterest-able home I’d ever seen.  We settled ourselves at her beautiful mirrored dining table and chatted through her the two fragrances and the inspirations and influences behind the scents.

Can you talk us through the Influences behind the two fragrances?
Yasmine Usif, the creative head behind Miss Selfridge was fantastic, she had a room full of vintage pieces.. I shopped in Miss Selfridge in the 80’s, and it hasn’t changed. It’s about getting a few outfits and making them work for every occasion. Because of this, we couldn’t just create one fragrance as it didn’t fit. So we decided on having a fragrance for the day and the night.

Can you talk us through the differences of each scent?
Beau is fresh, light, and clean at the same time. I also got a lot of influence from the skin tones, almost that pale, dusky pink like the packaging. Etoile is fun and sensual and warm, you get that feeling of skin in there but this time it’s more like skin at dusk, so it’s got a lot warmer for the evening and softer.

How long did the creative process take?
I started by having a meeting with Yasmin, looking at the concepts for design. I worked on a selection of fragrances with different balances and formulations. Then picked the final fragrances from there. The whole process was just over 12 months.

How do you think the fragrances differ to other high street fragrances?
Yasmin asked me to do the whole process exactly how I would with a designer brand. It was all done in house and in the end it was more expensive than most premium perfumes. If you smelt it blind, it would rank with the high end names.

When you were designing these, did you have a particular girl in mind?
Probably me in the 80’s. (laughs). I’ve got friends who’ve got teenage daughters and they’re really cool and trendy and love dressing up. There’s one girl in particular who looks fantastic every time I see her, she just puts clothing together really well and dresses up for different occasions, day and night.

Can the two fragrances be interchangeable?
Yes you can layer them, you can do a layering effect by showing with the body wash, then moisturizing your body with a lotion. They I would suggest to spray the fragrance and then for the finishing touch the shimmering powder. Fragrance is so subjective and smells different on each individual, it’s up to you how you want to wear it. but it’s having the choice that’s important.

Do you like matching your fragrance to your style?
Yes and I think matching your fragrance to your style is really important and I think a lot of people can get it wrong, they can look fantastic and then they have a scent on which I would see as not going together. It’s difficult because you can have stylists for your clothes but not your perfume.

I then run through some questions from my twitter feed for Azzi…

For those of us who have a rather large perfume collection, how long should perfume last before needing to be repurchased?
It’s different depending on where the fragrances are kept, they shouldn’t be in direct sunlight but you don’t need to put them in the fridge! It’s good to keep it cool but not cold, that’s not good for keeping the fragrance temperature stable. You’d be surprised at how long perfume can last but most packaging will state no longer than 36 months.

Is it important to have one signature scent?
It’s important to get it right and to have a fragrance that suits you, taking into account your eye colour and makeup and even your hair. You should get comments every day on your perfume. Having someone say you smell nice is so much better than being told you look good.

Where are the best places to spray for a long lasting scent?
One really good place is the back of the neck; it’s also quite good to spray your hair as well. I wouldn’t advise specific hair perfumes because you’re going to end up with a clash in scents. Just spray your own perfume on your hair, you head heats up a lot and gives of a smell that will catch others when you pass them.

Can you name one brand you would love to work with in future?
Chanel – because they’ve never been able to top No 5 and I like a challenge!