by Suzie Bonaldi



Bye Bye Ombre Hair!

After a few weeks of "uhhhm-ing and ahhh-ing", the ombre hair has finally gone. I'm quite glad really, you really cannot understand how much bleach murders your hair untill you've had your lovely, long, healthy hair bleached, no amounts of conditioning or oils can save it.

 So on Saturday night I took the plunge and dyed it back myself. I used the Garnier Nutrisse Cream permanent dye in caramel. I had to force myself to pick the shade with the most read in it, as I see to always go for shades that are too dull for my natural auburn/chestnut coloured hair. I went for caramel, even though the colour on the box, clearly wasn't a caramel colour, but hey ho... The application was super easy and although it smelt majorly strong when applying, after I had finished my hair smelt amazing and the smell lasted from Saturday night to today (Wednesday) when I washed my hair (FYI I rarely was my hair...)

Sorry for the crummy webcam quality, this is the only un-ombre hair-ed picture of me I have and I haven't had time this week to take one on my other camera. But, as you can see, the ends are no longer blonde, and I'm surprised to say I'm actually not missing it at all, my hair already feels much nicer and looks slightly healthier. All in all a result! Healthier looking hair just in time for my birthday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Suzie xo


  1. Your hair looks lovely!
    To be honest, I never understood the whole ombre hair trend. To me, it looks like the kindof style that we will look back on in 20 years and cringe, like my mums perm in the 80s lol! Saying that, I dyed my hair semi-perm black a couple of years ago and it wouldn't wash out my light brown hair, so instead of having to go through bleaching etc ruining my hair, I've just let it grow out! I have unintentional light brown-dark brown/black hair, and hate it, maybe that's why I can't understand people doing that intentionally! :) xx

  2. Thank you :) I love ombre hair when it's done really gradually to the point of almost looking naturally sunkissed? Unfortunately the hairdresser did it in more of a dip dyed way, which is quite the opposite, but the bleaching had an up side as I was in a similar situation to you where the ends of my hair were still really dark from a semi permanent dark brown! But now my hair is all one colour (most importantly, my natural colour) So i'm happy! Hope you're well! x x x


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