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Rumour has it...

In my last post I mentioned a couple of make up items that would be blogged about separately, as I have too much love for them. As you can see below, they're both Lipsticks! I literally have bought far too many lipsticks in the past few months, but they make me happy - seriously, buying one on a bad day picks me right up!


Mac - Peach Stock
Mac Peach stock, to me (a lipstick newbie) is similar in colour to Shy Girl, its a peachy nude colour but unlike Shy Girl, has underdones of orange, where as Shy Girl to me is slightly more pinky. The colours may be slightly similar, but in terms of consistancy, it couldn't be more different. Peach Stock is a Satin finish, which lacks the moisturising qualities that cremesheens are blessed with, but isn't completely matt, so I find a very light dabb of lip balm before application is always needed to prevent dried out lips. It may be drying, but unlike other mac lipsticks i've purchased, this one seems to suit my olive skin tone much better, and I love throwing it on with a nuteral face on those "CBA//post pub night" mornings.

Topshop - Rumour Has It
Rumour has it is part of the Smoke and Mirrors Topshop AW11 limited collection, saying it makes me die a little inside because it means that I won't be able to get this lipstick again once i've used it all. So tomorrow I WILL be repurchasing another one. I am that in love with it. This to me was an amazing find particularly because I rarely look at limted edition collections (for the exact fact that they are limited edition, and when they run out I can't just dawdle into Brighty to get a new one) but on recently visits to Topshop i've seen their make up promo images, with a girl with a similar skin type to mine wearing a beautiful dusty rose colour. On seeing it i knew it had to be mine and finally found it in the limited edition section (which I always carelessly overlook). Its similar to creamsheens by Mac, if not even more moisutising. The colour is absolutely beautiful (think a deep natural pink with brown undertones) it suits my olive skin tone to a T and I find it simply makes my lips look a darker pink, as they're quite naturally pink, I deffinately do not have naturally nude lips. I'd enjoy its moisturising qualities as i'm prone to dry lips, however, I do find that the colour does not stay on as long as it would if it were only slightly more matted. Overall, i'm in love, it will take pride of place in my handbag for the rest of AW11. (Link)

Hope you enjoyed my long gush about my newbies!

Suzie xo


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