by Suzie Bonaldi


Happy Haloween

Hi everyone, I've been a tad absent recently (i'm basically moving out on the weekends, and moving back home in the week - so i'm quite busy rushing to and fro). This was my get-up tonight as I decided to stay in and make a banner for my friends birthday. I answered the door to our trick or treaters (who were all lovely and polite children! - can you hear the tone of surprise!?) in this outfit and it went down a treat! One little girl made me laugh by calling it a "babygrow".

So to sum it up, i'm still alive, and loving Haloween - with a really quiet area I get to eat all the sweets! Yipieeee! I'll be back later this week with my October favorites and 'last week in pictures' so keep an eye out!

Hope everyones had a good evening!


  1. hi love your blog now following :) such a cute onesie ? where did you get it from? you're bloody gorgeous too xx

  2. I love your blog! You look super cute in that. Nothing better than a huge baby grow to chill in. Xx

  3. Is that a onesie? Love it! My mumsie put a no 'trick or treaters' sign up so she didn't have to buy sweets :( which in turn means I get none. boo. xx


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