by Suzie Bonaldi


Sunday Snaps

a) Having 4 days off work is definitely too much all in one go, I know some people would kill me if I said this, but seriously, I don't even know what to do with myself! I was made to take holiday by the agency because I'd acrewed so much and had to use it up asap. But from now onwards all my holiday will be saved up for the Christmas period. Yay christmas!

b) Finally managed to drop my stuff off at the doctors 2 weeks after my first appointment - why do docors surgeries not understand that I work just as many hours as the actual G.Ps and getting to see them in their work hours is practically impossible? The nurses just look at me as if I'm being difficult!? Sorry love, you can work an 8 and a half hour day with the commute added on and then we'll talk. (I happen to know all the nurses there are ridiculously local and all work part time)

c) I'm having a no foundation/powder make up day today, my skin hasn't been its glowing, semi-flawless self recently, so i'm giving it a day to breathe.

d) Having a mini trip to Sussex Uni today to order my new computer... I get scared of driving fast so fingers crossed it goes well and I don't crash :)


  1. Doctors receptionists and nurses tend to all generally be really rude I find, no idea why! x

  2. They are!? They must be seriously unhappy in their jobs - there's a nurse at my surgery who is well known for stabbing people with needles when they have their injections! x

  3. Do not get me started on doctors receptionists and some nurses.. gahhh! xx


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