by Suzie Bonaldi



Sunday Snaps


 a) Sorry i've been slacking on the blog posts, like I said last week, i've switched teams at work so i've been learning a lot of new skills but i've also had to work really hard. I think it's been a good change though, and it will give me a change to prove myself and thrive (hopefully).

b) Went to London (again) yesterday, as my boyfriends little sister wanted to go to her university open day, the uni looked amazing, and I'm bare jealous as I loved being in education and her course is government funded. She has at least a 1 in 3 chance of getting in, which is really good in comparison with the uni course I applied for which had 2000 applicants with under 200 places, so hopefully she'll get in!

c) We also went to Camden Market, where I got the above top - I thought the marine/sailor monkey was too cute not to get! We then went to the Natural History Museum and saw the dinosaurs! Well, we looked at other things too but I was mostly just interested in the Dinosaurs... but I'll write more about that in the next week or so.

d) Tomorrow me and Megan are seeing Benjamin Francis Leftwich at the Komedia, quite excited as we've had the tickets for so long now! Then i've got Charlie Simpson on friday - it's going to be a good week!

 I still need to arrange my Halloween activities (pub/club/trick or teat/zombie walk?) - what are you all doing for Halloween?

Suzie xo



  1. LOVE that top, you're so naturally beautiful x

  2. Love your new top, and your eye make up is perfect!
    I wanted to do a ghost walk, Most haunted stylee, but can't find one :( boo xx

  3. Love the top, so cute! Love anything with monkeys on :) xx

  4. thanks guys! :)
    Hannah I think there is a zombie walk somewhere through Brighton, because people at work were talking about it so i'll try and find out for you :)

  5. You look gorgeous in these photos and that top is so so cute! x


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