by Suzie Bonaldi


Lipstick Lovin' #1

After clearing out my bag and seeing the unhealthy number of lip products I carry round with me on a daily basis, I decided I would actually like to show you the ones I'm loving and wearing on a daily basis at the moment. I'm normally a nude lipstick lover but recently I've been moving on and testing out much more pigmented colours, which I'm seriously loving!

So today I give to you Topshops "Innocent". This has appeared on a fair few blog posts already, and I'm sure it will continue to do so.  It's a cool toned pink and is rather pigmented, so the colour really shows up, but it differs from most pigmented lipsticks because of its moisturising qualities - I would compare it to a Mac Cremesheen - but it's not so moisturising it has to be re applied constantly, once in the morning and once after lunch will generally be it for me.

However the one thing I find strange is that even thought it is quite pigmented, the colour still varies on the wearer. For example it can show up as a lighter pink or a cool darker pink depending on your natural lip colour. Some people have described the colour as a "nude pink" and some as a "barbie pink" so this really is one to test for yourself!

Topshops "Innocent"(£8)

Anyway I really love it because its so different to any other pinks I currently own (although I am on the hunt for a bubblegum pink if anyone wants to recommend one!) and on the days where I don't feel like wearing warmer and much brighter colours this one fits the bill!

Suzie xo


  1. I have this and I love it loads!x

  2. Gorgeous pink. Really suits you babe. x

  3. Ooh, that's a pretty lip color! I love your lashes here, too! x

  4. Looks lovely :) I'm pretty sure this is bordering on creepy but I'm going to say it anyway...your hair looks nice and soft and fluffy in that photo :)
    I totally mean that in a nice way and not a weird stalkery-soundy way....

  5. The colour looks pretty natural and great for daily wear - think it will suit most people.


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