by Suzie Bonaldi


Lipstick lovin' #2

The second in my series of lipstick blog posts is Vivo's "Red Red"*. The name of this makes me laugh because it reminds me of my boyfriend asking what you could possibly say about a lipstick other than "its red." Yes Joshua, that would be the job done there and then, but I do have a little bit more to say...


Now in the interest of being transparent (a phrase drummed into me over the past few months at work) I would like to state that I did not rush out and snap up this little baby myself. This was in my goodie bag from TOWIB along with "Coral Flair". In all honesty I almost gave this, along with a bag of other freebies and bits and bobs, to my boyfriends little sister (shes 17, don't worry I'm not supplying young children with make up!). So what changed my mind?

Well (que story telling music here) the other day I was walking to work thinking about all the things that are missing from my make up collection, and red lipstick cropped up as one of them. I honestly hate trying to find a decent red lipstick as they're either too dark, too pink or too sheer, and I can never find one that's pigmented enough in the right formula. So last friday night I was packing up my make up bag before driving to stay with Josh and I came across Vivo's "Red Red" hiding under some other bits and bobs in the drawer. I tried it on and I don't think I could like it more if I tried.

Not only is the formula amazing - think cremesheen but without the slipping around everywhere,  its colour is majorly pigmented and doesn't wash me out as it has slight orange undertones. The other thing I love about it is, not only did this not break my bank as it came in a gift bag but even if I were to repurchase (which is 99% likely) its only around £2? I'm seriously amazed at the quality of the product for the price, and although I love Mac and Topshop lipsticks, I may actively look at other colours Vivo have before looking to visit the more high end brands for lipstick. Because, lets face it, my job contract is up for review in the new year and £13 pound a pop on a lipstick is something I don't think I can justify right before Christmas.

So I'm definitely excited to see what else they have (lip product wise - the rest I'm not so fussed about), especially since I'm loving brights at the moment and from what I've seen so far I'm impressed.

Suzie xo


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