by Suzie Bonaldi


October Favorites

 Where has October gone! It feels like only yesterday I was getting ready for my birthday. This month I've got a definite few favorites to show you, and I think I've got some good ones!

 Mac MSFN - Sun Power
This isn't classed specifically as a bronzer, but it is by far the best one i've ever used. It has just the right amount of orange in it to give me a healthy glow (I don't use brown ones because they only match my skin tone). It also is heavily pigmented, meaning I don't have to use much (money saver right there for you!) and lasts all day... it deffo needs to be featured in a face of the day soon!

Mac - Ravishing
A few of you may have seen me sporting this at TOWIB, it is an absolute fav of mine this month and I think it may continue to be for the next few, it has definitely replaced Topshop's "Nevada" as my most worn! Its a gorgeous coral-pink, and looks so cute with bronzed cheeks and lashings of mascara!

Paco Rabanne - Lady Million
So not a make up item as such, but still a must have to add to your collection, I'm no perfume expert so I'm not going to go into dept on all the crazy scents that are apparently in it (I could list them but it doesn't mean I can smell each scent when I give it a whiff!) But it is lovely and sweet but in a very grown up way in comparison to the well known "Angel" by Terry Mugler.

Rimmel Glam Eyes - Day 2 Night Mascara
Consider this my public apology to Rimmel, I have in the past voiced my hate for this mascara, but after running incredibly low on Maxfactor false lash effect, I used them together. The result is amazing, I love it and have literally used it every day! (I will use all of these products for a face of the day this weekend to show you!) 

Chanel Mat Lumiere
I cannot put into words my love for this foundation, it makes my skin look healthy and gives a really good coverage with such a tiny amount (and really you don't need much at all - a pea sized amount!)

So here's my dilemma, at the end of the year they're discontinuing it and combining it with another foundation, I still have a decent amount of Mat Lumiere left - do I re purchase Mat Lumiere and stock up before the end of the year, or do I wait for the new one to be released and give that try?

Suzie xo


  1. I thought the new foundation coming out was just a replacement for Pro Lumiere. If Mat Lumiere is being discontinued aswel i will be heartbroken :(

  2. Would love to try the Chanel foundation.

  3. Unfortunately the Chanel lady on the counter confirmed it when I bought it before my birthday :( now I don't know what to do!?

  4. I use the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation which is really good but there's no harm in stocking up on the Mat Lumiere and when the new one comes out try out a sample of it? xx

  5. Great favourites! I think the Mat Lumiere is being discontinued and they are combining it with Pro Lumiere to make a better foundation

  6. Awww I really wanted to try Chanel matt Lumière :( although i've heard its more yellow toned and I have pink undertones so I dont know it it will suite me.


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