by Suzie Bonaldi


What's in my bag?

I always love "what's in my bag" posts, but at the moment I can't really face making a video on it, occasions when I'm actually home and have decent lighting are hard to come by. I'm living with my boyfriend from Friday to Sunday at the moment, and splitting my time between houses and working full time means the time filing and editing takes me is out of the question. However I can find the time to snap a quick picture, so I thought I'd take a snap of the contents of my bag for you to have a nose through...

Vaselines - normal and Creme Brulee
Chewing gum
Cocoa Butter
Nail file and mirror
Paco Rabanne - Lady Million 30ml
Suede purse - Topshop
Work pass
Pen from my old work that I put in my bag and never took back ;)
 Red comb

Lip Products
Topshop - Nevada
Topshop - Innocent
Mac - Ravishing
Vivo lipgloss- (unknown name but smells like watermelon!)*
Revlon lip glosses - Coral Reef and Peach Petal

and my car keys :)

Okay , so it's all pretty generic... actually I'm pretty sure the amount of lip products I carry is not "normal" but I think there are a fair few girlies I know who have developed a similar habit....

The contents of my bag is all pretty much the same (see items under "standard") but most of the make up changes on a regular basis - some days I have to bring a full face if i get ready in the car or know I'm going for dinner after work and need to touch it up a tad. At the moment, there are 2 new additions to my bag, and these are the Vivo lipsticks I got from TOWIB2, and I'm seriously in love with them, but that's a story for another day...

Hope you're all having a good weekend! I love having a good nose through peoples stuff, so post any "what's in my bag" or room tours below so I can be nosey! ;)

Suzie xo


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