by Suzie Bonaldi


A few cheeky new purchases...

So recently I've been a bit naughty with my spending, I seem to have taken a "one for me, one for you approach" when buying Christmas presents. I thoroughly enjoy this but it's terrible for my bank account.


 OPI "Gettin miss piggy with it" - £10.50
Models Own Pro Matt Topcoat - £8

You may have seen in a previous post that I bought "Excuse Moi" from the OPI Muppets Christmas collection, and the other day I felt the need to add to my collection. "Gettin miss piggy with it" is an amazingly festive colour and I can't wait to wear it constantly over the Christmas period. It's thick red glitter, with larger silver pieces of glitter, the only downside is, that like "Excuse Moi" it will be a bugger to get off!

My second purchase is from the new models own collection, and I feel the need to voice now how much I love every colour in it! There is a rainbow of options with various finishes, and I can wait to buy everything they have (I need to act soon as they have lots labeled "limited edition"!). My first purchase was a simple, yet exciting one, a matt topcoat, I know these are available from cheaper ranges such as Rimmel, but I tried this out and fell in love! There is still a small amount of shine, but I'm interested to see how it looks with a thicker/second coat. Be prepared to see this in a few N.O.T.D's soon!

Much love,
Suzie xo


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