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F.O.T.D/Everyday loves...

Hello Lovelies,

Today I've had a day off, filled with doing absolutely nothing, not even the good kind mind you, as I seem to have sat down with my laptop at around 12, unknowingly skipped lunch (a first I assure you) and realised its 4pm with nothing to show for it! I forgot to watch Gilmore Girls and missed out on egg and toast and I think that's what i'm most upset about! The one thing I did do today was my make-up, so I thought i'd do a little F.O.T.D :)

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner
Chanel Mat Lumiere (40 beige)
Mac MSFN - Sun Power
Collection 2000 - 3 medium
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Lush Bubblegum Scrub (used prior to wearing Peach Stock)

I used all the above products (my daily essentials), but I really felt todays face was a bit different to the usual. This is because of the following two products...

Mac -Peach stock
I rushed out to buy this baby, and after a few wears, decided it just didn't look right. However this was before I bought my MSFN in Sun Power, and together they seem to work a treat! It reminds me of Topshops "Nevada" but with more orangey tones instead of pink. I wore it all weekend and it is clearly going to be a regular feature on my face over the next month!

Benefit eyeshadow - Shallow
This eyeshadow is one that I never quite got on with, as on the eyes it tends to make me look a little ill. However as a highlighter its seriously cute (if i'm having a paler day this could work as a blusher but today was a MSFN day so this was not the case), I've never thought much of any highlighters at all before, but the pigment of this really works a treat!

Benefit eyeshadow as a cute highlighter - weird? not weird? Are there any actual highlighters in a similar colour that you know of?

Happy Monday!
Suzie xo


  1. Good for you. Nice to give yourself a break once in a while.

  2. I use peachstock! Applied for full coverage I find is a little too much foundation lips-esque. Just dabbed on looks much better :). You look gorgeous! X

  3. G.B - It was actually a very nice break, thank you!

    Katie - I do find it looks so wrong applied fully! Thank you :) x


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