by Suzie Bonaldi


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

 Our Christmas tree actually went up early in December, but a week until Christmas seems like a more appropriate time to post this. Christmas is an amazingly special time for me, I have a massive family, which is then teamed with my boyfriends many siblings making the festive season full of serious family time. It's also mine and Josh's anniversary (this year will be 5 years) on the 21st, so Christmas is really special for us as a couple. This year is also my first year of full time work (with no having to work boxing day - YAYYYYYY!) and so the little Christmas break I have is definitely needed!

My last day or work is Wednesday this week, and I can't wait to snuggle up and watch Christmas films and blast out my Elf soundtrack! We also go to the cinema every Christmas eve which I'm really looking forward to! (I've just realised the cinema is going to be a real pain as I'm being tattooed on Thursday and am going to have a serious case of itchy leg in the cinema - Great!)

We actually have two Christmas trees this year (don't ask!) so my mum got really excited about decorating two! I can't decide whether I prefer a good old traditional green tree, or a more modern clean white tree?

Merry Christmas! (Is it too early to say that?)

Suzie xo


  1. No it's never too early, Merry Chistmas :)


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