by Suzie Bonaldi



Jumper Love #2

The second in my "Jumper Love" series, I bought this jumper a few months back from Topman, and only wore it a couple of times. However over the Christmas period I wore this jumper so much and I love it!
 Jumper - Topman

Now the new found love for it may or may not be down to watching the Christmas MIC and seeing Caggie wearing the exact same jumper, but it doesn't take away form the fact that this jumper looks amazing under my fur coat! The mix in textures and prints goes down pretty well in my eyes. It also looks majorly cute alone with some rolled up skinny jeans and original black vans.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm currently winding down after one crazy week with freshly washed hair and Glamour and Cosmopolitan in front of me (I has a bit of a magazine craze earlier this week!).

Suzie xo


  1. ah, i thought i recognized it from somewhere hahah! gorgeous, have to get my hands on a similar one asap!


  2. that jumper is gorgeous! a few times ive been in shops and the mens knitwear is better than the womens!

  3. I wouldn't mind owning that jumper! Very cute 'n comfy!


  4. Men's jumpers this year have been far better looking/fitting than some of the ladies' versions. This one is nice. :)x

  5. Ah this jumper is gorgeous, I bought a Christmasy hat from Topman this year. Sometimes the boys just know how to do it better! And if Cags from MIC was wearing it, then you know it's gorgeous! Just discovered your blog through Leanne, and adore it. Definitely following! :) xxx


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