by Suzie Bonaldi


N.O.T.D - Natural Nails (almost...)

I'm usually the kind of girl that likes a bit of colour on her nails, but last week I decided to go for something very different and spent my Sunday evening french manicuring my nails. I used Models Own "Buff Pink" and the Sally Hensen french manicure white.

Now, they're by no means perfect, that's what you go to the pro's for. But I do really like my natural-esk nails. The only thing I dislike is: a) when they go wrong - which does happen, it by no means is easy for me and b) when people insist that my nails must be fake, even though my nails are this long all the time.

This was taken a few days ago, and lasted about a week, as I'm currently redoing them now, last week I used french manicure strips to keep the lines but only on some of my nails. It doesn't really work well on some nails as they're teeny-tiny!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I always have weekend guilt as I feel like I've done nothing! Although this weekend is amazing despite this because I get two roast dinners (one Saturday, one Sunday)!

Suzie xo


  1. They look fab! I've never given myself french nails but I might have to try it now!

    Hope you enjoy your two roast dinners, I'm jealous!!

    Gem x

  2. Your DIY french manicure looks so good :) Hope you're having a brilliant weekend!

  3. @Gem: You should deffo give it a go, it seems quite long lasting as well which is good! Thank you! x

    @Diane: Thank you, you too hun :) x

  4. these look great! i do my own french mani's all the time! I have long nails so people always assume my nails are fake. They get surprised when they figure out their real, haha.

    I need to go buy some white so I can do this, I'm all out. :(

    Great post! xo

  5. these look amazing! lovely and sophisticated. id love long nails but i cant use my blackberry with them ha! xx

  6. wish i could get away with the natural look, i have to use paint all day so to stop them looking grubby i have to have them dark colours all the time!
    they look lovely! jealous!.x

  7. Not often you see a natural manicure these days, looks gorgeous on. i think I may have to go for one soon :) xx

  8. @Vulenarts - :( hope you get some more soon!

    @Victoria - I know what you mean, I used to have a blackberry, and my thumb nail used to always hit several other keys along with the one I wanted!

    @artisthecure - :( That's a shame, although I do love dark nails, you could always do black with purple tips or something similar?

    :) x

  9. You have a wonderful start for french manicure - they are so sophisticated right?

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