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Current Loves: Shirt and Scarf

Evening all, I'm currently tucked up in bed completely unable to sleep. So I thought I'd do a "current loves" post. Recently I've really been loving wearing my checked scarf (that goes with pretty much everything!) and any collared shirt to work - all though this gold one is fest becoming one of my favorites!
 Shirt - Zara
Scarf - Dirty Harrys (Brighton)

This scarf has literally featured in every single outfit (bar one day) since I bought it three weeks ago. It was more than worth the £5 it cost me, for some reason it just goes with everything I own! My shirt is from Zara and although its massive when its not tucked in (its size M) I still love it. It's perfect for nights out and work (and looks great with my scarf).

On another note, I'm feeling a bit stuck for posts at the moment (I have my room tour almost done - Can't decide if I want to film a little as well as posting images?) but I'm a bit stuck after that so leave any requests/ideas you might have below!

Hope everyone is alright and looking forward to the weekend - I definitely am!

Sweet dreams


  1. your hair looks lovely here :)

  2. Love the scarf :) It's strange how you're wide awake because it's morning here and I can't sleep in either!

    1. Thanks! After I fell asleep I then woke up stupidly early and couldn't sleep in either so I feel your pain! x

  3. You are super pretty hun, love the shirt/scarf combo. xx

  4. I'm in love with your scarf, it's gorgeous:) Xx

  5. This is the perfect scarf. This and a red checked one are my dream scarves. Not even joking!
    I'm feeling a little uninspired too this cold is preventing me from doing anything other than watch tv and eat!!xxx

  6. Your scarf is adorable, and looks so lovely with your shirt too.x


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