by Suzie Bonaldi


Payday Goodies - Laura Mercier

Friday is my favorite day, as its payday and I get to go and spend my hard earned pennies on whatever I like. The purchase usually depends on how stressful the last week was, judging from the spend, last week was a stressful to normal week, next week however it will be an entirely different story (I've done an extra days worth of overtime). Anyway, on Friday I decided to pick up a few bits from Laura Mercier, as I've been intrigued by the brand for a while and really like the classic and slightly more mature feel the brand carries as opposed to other high end brands that I'm starting to feel I've outgrown/am becoming bored of.
(Laura Mercier - Lush Nectarine and Creme Brulee Hand Cream)

Since seeing Annas train make-up video, I knew the Lush Nectarine Blush had to be mine, it's such a lovely colour and feels like a perfect half way between No.7s Coral Flush with its pink shimmer and Nars Gina, with its warm peach tones. When swatching it in Space NK I was initially scared it would be far too shimmery, but when applied it's just right. 

I also made a slight impulse purchase, and grabbed the Creme Brulee Hand Cream, I haven't heard too much about the body and bath range (probably because it s so expensive) but once I smelt this I had to have it. If you love Christmas Cookie Yankee Candles, this is that in a hand cream- beautiful! I think the body and bath range is crazy expensive, but makes a lovely treat if it's not something you'll use up too quickly.

I'm fast becoming a massive Laura Mercier fan and am really excited to try the oil free tinted moisturiser next. Any other recommendations for LM products?

Suzie xo


  1. Ooh I have the Pistachio hand cream and I love it. I'm not a huge fan of pistachio flavoured things, but this is just lovely! :) The blush looks gorgeous! It's a pity Laura Mercier is really marked up where I am xx

    1. That sounds amazing, its a shame its so pricey but it's nice to treat yourself sometimes :)

  2. I have a whole post on my Laura Mercier collection if you'd take a look, I gave mini reviews on most of them if you want to know about anything! I really recommend the Tinted Moisturiser or Silk Creme foundation! :)


    1. Oh amazing! I'll definitely give it a look after my dinner ;) Thanks chicken x

  3. I absolutely adore the smell of their creme brulee range! I really want a pot of the pistachio body butter, its such a lovely scent. The tinted moisturiser is the best one around so I can pretty much guarantee you'll love it hehe. The Laura Mercier primer is really good too & I've just started trying out the secret brightening powder xx

    1. Soooo tempted to pick up the tinted moisturiser!

  4. After watch Vivianna's video that blush has gone to the top of my wishlist, it looks gorgeous! I loveeee Christmas Cookie candle so I'm sure I'd love that handcream X

    1. They smell very similar so I would really recommend trying it out!


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