by Suzie Bonaldi


A Quiet Night In...

Lush "Leap Frog" - £2.75
Sometimes I find Lush products a bit hit and miss, but the recent spring collection has made me a very happy girl. It really makes a quiet night in all the more relaxing for me, especially with their "leap frog" bath bomb - which not only does it look amazing when its dissolving in the bath - but smells amazing too. Work has been majorly stressful for me this week, so I can't wait for this weekend so I can crack some more of my Lush items out again. In addition to this bath bomb, I'm also really loving their love potion massage bar, which is really helping with the state of my skin at the moment -as I tend to get loads of tiny spots on my arms - these are no more thanks to that!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week -it's been so crazy! I'm in need of a good nights sleep!
Suzie xo



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