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The Candle Collection

Another requested post this week - my candle collection! Most people who know me will know I love most candles, each one I see I have to give it a sniff - actual candle shops take a long time to get through!
So you wanted to see which candles I have, I'm not going to list what they smell like unless the name of the candle doesn't make it overly obvious (I'm not too good at describing smells!). Anyway, let's get cracking...

(Listed from back to front, and left to right.)

Strawberry Buttercream
I bought this in the clinton cards sale back in January for £10 and I'm so glad I did, it smells like strawberry cheesecake and I love most sweet smells so this is amazing. Strangely enough it really helps me get ready to go to sleep... Anyway, its really long lasting as are most yankee candles.

Jellybean Bubblegum Candle
Not gonna lie, this is not my favorite, its so overpowering. Obviously if you really love bubblegum its probably really nice - saying that I thought I loved bubblegum but not really any more. It's just a bit too strong - to the point where I can't really burn it down to use it up! Jellybean candles have pretty good burn time (shown by the fact I cant use it up and I've had it since october) but the jar is pretty impractical in regards to its shape - once you get half way down you have to get a special lighter to reach further.

Vanilla Cupcake
I love this! I've almost used the whole car up now - even then I wont mind as you can get this everywhere at the moment, from clinton cards to WHSmiths (if you're UK based obviously) and i'll definitely repurchase. I also love the shape of the jar as it has a flat lid, and I'm looking forward to finding things to store in it!

Jellybean Toasted Marshmallow Candle
Put aside the impractical jar and you have once of my favorite candles! It just smells of toasted marshmallows, and I find the smell so comforting for some reason! These retail for around £10 I think so they're really great value for money and have reasonably good burn time.

The Country Candle - Gingerbread
Loved this when I got it, and now I don't really like it anymore. It was expensive for £13, but I really wanted a gingerbread candle - I think I only really like the smell at Christmas, so I wont be cracking this out any time soon. Decent burn time though - I did burn it quite a bit and its barely budged.

Christmas Cookie
One of my favorite candles - it smells similar to toasted marshmallow and gives that comforting feeling I just mentioned. I got this for £7 of amazon, and I wish I bought a bigger one, if you find this, get it!

Assorted Small Candles
I have a few yankee candles in tealight form (pictured in the jar) in the vanilla cupcake scent, the burn time isn't amazing, but they're great value for money at around £12. I also have some random vanilla and caramel scented candles, but they barely give of any scent at all which is disappointing, but for £3 what did I expect!?

That's my rambling done for tonight, i'm really tired so I hope this makes sense! I don't know if this looks like an excessive collection or not but I have been collecting now for a good 9 months and many of them were presents, so I don't openly blow too much money on candles - just everything else!

Night bloggerinies!
Suzie x


  1. Lovely post! After reading this I've just lit my favourite candle that smells of passion fruit :)x

  2. jelly belly candles! i dont think i have ever seen those before! thats so awesome!!!

  3. I am so tempted to buy the Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow candle now! I have Christmas Cupcake and Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle and they both smell amazing!

  4. these look lovely. i love candles too!

  5. I have most of these, I have really been enjoying candles recently. The one I bought recently was a white chocoalte mint yankee candle. Its smells amazing! xx

  6. These all sounds so nice! I would love some Yankee candles xx

  7. I like candles too! :)

  8. I'm so tempted by the Vanilla Cupcake and the Strawberry Buttercream whenever I go in a shop selling Yankee Candles!! Boooo for spending ban haha :( xx

  9. I've bought a huge Vanilla Cupcake candle and can't wait to burn it! xx


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