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Nail of the day - MUA

Get ready for it, the name of this colour's a good'en... Shade 23. Thankfully that is the only thing I dislike about this nail varnish. If you flick through my nail posts, its safe to say most of the colours are muted shades, there are very few neons or brights in my collection. This one fits in perfectly with the rest as its a khaki green, I've wanted it for ages and questioned why I still didn't have it - it does only cost £1 after all.
MUA - Shade 23
The formula is a little strange, but nothing I dislike. It dries amazingly fast but thick- so try to apply in thinner layers if you don't want it to end up goopy! I love the fact that it's a quick dry as there's nothing worse than doing your nails, thinking they're dry, and then unloading the dishwasher (as an example) for you to then dent/smudge what you've just applied and get it on the clean mugs too!

Anyway, in short, it's love. I think this is a great all year round shade for me and I'm actually considering looking into a few more from MUA - I like it that much! So recommend away if you have any favourites.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. I have this shade, i love MUA nail polishes, so cheap but also good quality!

    rachelpan xo

  2. Everyone is loving MUA at the moment which is great. I'm going to hunt out more MUA because the quality for the price is amazing. Its a shame we dont have a bigger range where I am :( This nail polish is a beautiful colour though.

  3. That polish looks lovely, I'll definitely need to give it a try! x

  4. What a gorgeous shade! I need to try the MUA polishes! x


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