by Suzie Bonaldi


Chloe EDP

Hello strangers! It's been a while, I cannot describe how hectic my life is at the moment, I literally wouldn't know where to start if I had to tell you! Anyway, today I want to show you the beaut of a perfume I bought the other day. I snapped up the EPD Chloe whilst wandering around Debenhams with a nice little gift card I got when I left my last workplace (thank you Bupa!). I'd been eyeing up a couple of other scents but there was nothing I wanted as much as this. It's love!

The Fragrance Shop describes the scent as this: "A combination of floral powdery notes, sprightly hints of peony and lychee and the embellishment of springtime freesia. The airy, flirtatious head notes drift away to reveal the richer and more sensual side of the rose, derived from the velvety interior of the flower. The rose is accompanied by heady magnolia and lily of the valley, as well as subtle intimations intimations of warm amber and elegant cedarwood." - I'm just gonna stop it there... Seriously who writes this stuff?! If someone tried describing smells to me like that they would get an incredibly vacant expression! Basically, I like this perfume, because it smells really girly and sweet, but it also smells powdery and clean. I tend to go for the same characteristics in perfume, it only has to smell fresh, clean and sweet and I'm on board!

As you can see the packaging (*cough* packaging junkie *ahem*) is also beautiful, and it made the whole experience of bringing it home and unboxing it so exciting. The bottle also looks absolutely beautiful and looks like the big sister next to my Miss Dior Cherie L'eau (fresh but sweet smell again anyone?)

At the moment you can also get a free make up pouch when you purchase this perfume (link) - separate post on that soon- which is absolutely lovely so it's a good time to buy it. I also love purchasing these in store as the ladies on the perfume counter in my local Debenhams are always so lovely and whack in millions of free samples. So much so that I now have a baby Chloe sample that lives in my bag - so cute!

Anyone else love this perfume? I was also looking at the L'eau De Chloe and think it might have to be next on my list!

Suz x


  1. This sounds like my kind of perfume. The bottle is so, so pretty! x

  2. sounds like it smells lovely, will have to give it a sniff :)

  3. I love this perfume, my Mum has it and it smells so lovely - it reminds me of her! x

  4. I love this but i tend to wear the EDT. I didn't like L'eau de chloe though.

  5. this has been on my wish list for ages, but I have so many perfumes to use up first. I just can't justify it yet. xx

  6. I've had this perfume for almost 2 years and i can't get over it!
    I tried other scents but i always go back to Chloé :)

  7. This perfume smells amazing! I finally need to buy it for myslef. x

  8. I love this perfume :) GREAT CHOICE! ;)
    Now I'm in love with "Body" from Burberry's :D

    xx raquel


  9. Oooo this sounds lovely, I really want to try it now! X


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