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The Sunday Post

Bit of a different Sunday Post today, just going to chatter away about what I did earlier this week.
01. As you can see I went out for dinner this week - I actually went out for dinner Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday... Bad Suzie! Next week my pre holiday healthy eating begins so I can look nice when I go to Tenerife!

02. The photos above are from my boyfriends birthday meal, we went to a local pub which is also a Pizzeria and had nice drinks and stuff. It was a shame his birthday was in the week this year as I didn't get to spend the whole day with him like I have in the past years.

03. Feeling a bit poopey today, got up at 3pm and my face aches, my head hurts, my neck hurts my other joints hurt, my temperatures all over the place, I feel really week and... I'm going to a gig in a bit! (Seven hells anyone?)

04. Yeup, so I'm off out tonight, a change from my usual Sunday Roast and I can't say I like the change, I love being snuggled up with family on a Sunday night. We're going to see Rizzle Kicks, the tickets were booked so long ago and now I'm not even that fussed about going!

05. Payday tomorrow! I'm super excited as there are some nice things that I've decided I definitely need to pick up! I'm also interested to see how much I can save now I'm paid monthly :)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Suzie x


  1. Hope ya boyfriend had nice bday hun and feel better soon! xx oh and YAAAY payday is the best day lol xx

  2. The pizza looks so yummy, it doesn't help that I'm hungry! x

  3. Wow you went out loads! i love eating out! Always lovely.
    Happy payday!

  4. Gosh poor you, I've just had/have the same thing cue very embarassing fainting in physio infront of a full gym! I hope you feel a bit brighter soon.
    Maddy x

  5. that food looks delish!

  6. All of that food look lovely, I'm soo hungry now haha X


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