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Jewelry Haul

Earlier this month I picked up a few new pieces of jewelry in Brighton, seeing as payday had just passed, and my hands were a little bare, it felt like an appropriate time to treat myself.
I always feel jewelry is quite subjective, everyone looks for something different. I went a long time thinking I disliked jewelry, it always felt like a waste when I spent money on a load of new pieces from the high street, they're always in keeping with the current season but never last very long, and if they do last, they date very quickly. However I realised a little while ago that it wasn't that I disliked wearing jewelry, I'm just extremely fussy when it comes to quality.

I picked the rings above up from a stall in Brighton, silver with gem stones, the lady was really good at her sale and really went into detail with how they were made and what they were made of - unsurprisingly I've forgotten, but they're both so beautiful. It's lovely to have rings that wont go pink after getting a little liquid on them as I know they'll last, and the fact the rock isn't just a piece of plastic makes them feel a little more special. A large percentage of them are re-sizable as well, which is great for my child sized hands. All the rings are sold by weight, a method i'm not too familiar with, as a result prices range from £20 and up. For what they are I don't mind paying a little more than I would on the high street as I see them as a nice little investment. I've seen rings like this sold all around the UK, especially in London, there are always stalls with rings like this if you keep an eye out, so they are moderately accessible.

Now this post wouldn't be any decent post if I didn't feature an item that's a little more accessible for all of you. The lovely chain above is £7 from River Island, and features both a Hamsa hand and an evil eye. The chain moves up a little too much sometimes for my liking, as there is nothing to stop the chain. Strangulation aside, I love the way it dangles as it is quite long, and how it adds a little more detail to a simple outfit.

What do you look for when buying Jewelry? For me I think I'm definitely more a fan of investing in pieces, I think it all started with stealing the rings my dad used to buy mum on our European holidays.

Suzie x


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