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Skincare Routine

It's been a long time coming, 4 months in fact since I made my new years resolution to start taking care of my skin, and 4 months of it going from bad to really bad, to finally better. In this video I'm just quickly taking you through the products that (through a hell of trial and error) work in combination with my skin type and lifestyle.
 Skincare Routine (link here)
The routine is fairly simple, as I don't fake tan or incorporate SPF into my daily routine (olive skinned and barely stepping outside as it is - I need the chance to get some vitamin D!) so there are no variables unlike other skincare routines. But all the products I use I love and look forward to using, the prices also vary, so I think there is a little something for everyone with this routine.

For all the products mentioned, and all my disclaimer stuff you need look no further than the drop down bar under the video (click the link up there ^) and for any questions you can ask via the video comments or on the comments on here!
Since filming and taking the photos for this post, I have also started using another product, which I am absolutely in love with, and anyone here who loves a dewy glow should start getting excited. I'm going to incorporate it into another post over the next week, which I'm really excited to write.

I hope you like it and I really hope my voice isn't too unbearable, I personally can barely stand the sound of it - so editing is really hard! But unfortunately you only get one voice so I'm a bit stuck really ;)

Suz x

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  1. Great video :) I love seeing what skincare products other people use, although always come away with a wish list as long as my arm! I'm on the lookout for a new cleanser at the moment as I powered throught my hot cloth cleanser and want something a bit cheaper so I think I might give the Simple one that you use a go. The Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum has been on my lust list for a while...maybe a graduation present to myself in July? Haha. xxx

  2. I love origins! Would love to try that serum but have a few other things from them on my wishlist first! :)

  3. i really want to try the estee lauder advanced night repair and the origins super spot remover!


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