by Suzie Bonaldi


The Sunday Post

This wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't a semi-regular mention of unhealthy yummiyness. Recently I've been eating healthier and more wholesome foods, and whilst I feel much better, it's not blog worthy. However last night I finished a 53 hour working week with one of my all time favourite bad foods. I haven't had a fry up in so long, it was well worth the wait. It was nice just to have a night in with the boy and then settle into one hell of a sleep!

Throwing in an extra photo to mix it up a wee bit, how cute is this graffiti?! There are a series on some electrical boxes in Brighton and they bring such a smile to my face!

After my mega lie in today, Josh and I went to see one of my favourite artists play, I won't say too much more as there will be a little post tomorrow about my afternoon. But the weather was really lovely, and it was nice to split our time lounging around on the grass or in pub gardens.

I have so many posts lined up for this week, I barely know where to start, we've got everything from music to hair... and you can tell by the tags on the left, I've been running this blog for nearly a year and I barely ever talk about my hair!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)
Suzie x



  1. awah, that is the cutest graffiti ever! why can't all graffiti be as adorable as that instead of scrawling people's names?

  2. I love your heart shaped egg, that is so cute.
    It sounds like you have had a lovely weekend.

    Jess x

  3. Heart shaped egg! I love it!
    Is that your boyfriend's tattoo? It's very lovely - I have a thing for octopus :) Was it done in Brighton?
    Also excited to hear about your hair since it's so beautiful!

  4. That looks so bloody yummy!! Had a similar situation on Sunday, went to the gym after as I could feel my waist expanding. :)

  5. really made me want a fry up ha-ha! Love that dinosaur graffiti too!! xx

  6. Love your leather jacket, where is it from?

    Thanks, Lisa xx


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