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Those Zara Shorts...

I barely ever talk you through what I wear any more, which is really annoying seeing as I'm now allowed to wear whatever I want for work. Whilst the weather is warming up I think I'm going to start talking you through my "(UK) Summer Outfits".
First item in question which is a firm favourite for the next few months are these shorts form Zara. They were a complete barg at £20 and are perfect for bringing a little something to a boring outfit. They're also a good length for my little legs, but for you more leggy ladies, be warned they will definitely be short shorts! I like throwing these on over tights (or without it seems this week) and pairing them with either my orange Aldo sandals or Vans (so cute!) Any top goes in this case - I love mixing prints and colours and my favorite so far has been the iconic Urban Oufitters lepoard cross tee. The mix of prints actually works and is nice for the more standard UK weather for which the tights will also make an appearance.

Whilst I'm on holiday I look forward to throwing a plain slouchy tee over this with my coral and neon coloured bikini underneath! For future summer posts be warned - It's been a Topshop and Zara heavy 2012!

Love Suzie x



  1. They're so nice! Looking forward to seeing some more 'summer' outfits :)


  2. love the shorts :)

  3. Lovvveeee these


  4. I LOVE those shorts. that is all.

  5. Ooooh, these are gorgeous, and such a good price :)
    Absoutely LOVING Zara this season!

  6. very cute! am loving floral prints too!

  7. they are gorgeous! I really want some floral shorts.


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