by Suzie Bonaldi


A Space NK/Feel Unique/Boot/Everything Haul!

Hello loves, this post comes to you from a slightly different setting... My boyfriends messy room! I'm not even working off of my own laptop (*cries!*), so unfortunately this haul will be somewhat image-less until I return from my travels. 

This is my haul for June! I went a bit crazy at the start of this month, as I didn't foresee my job change and definitely underestimated the cost of a holiday... so consequently I'm rather poor! Hopefully the situation will be resolved by the time I return and my bank will be a happy chappy again!

I think these videos will definitely be a monthly occurrence, since I'm meant to be saving, there won't be too many purchases on a regular basis, so it will be best to film them all in one go! Once I'm back from my holiday I will post my "What's in my hand luggage" video (which also contains a sneek peek of my suitcase!), I was really annoyed that I didn't have the time last night to upload it, so it will have to wait :( But until then my lovlies, I hope you enjoy this haul - I will try and respond to as many comments on my channel and on here as I can before I fly this afternoon!


  1. That white dress is gorgeous!

  2. Ah enjoy your holidays! :)

  3. I love your blog and your accent.


  4. Great video as usual, you're so good at it! Love your items especially the tye dye top and jumper. Have a lovely holiday! XxxX


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