by Suzie Bonaldi


The "Summer" Series - Jubilee Weekend OOTD #2

I'm back! Missed me? Okay, to be fair to you all I've only been gone a few days but for me it feels like ages! I didn't even get the chance to do a Sunday Post this week which is crazy as I have so much to tell you all! But we'll save that for later this week for now I'm dying to show you all my favourite outfit from this weekend...
(River Island "Olivia" Sunglasses, Topshop Floral Bralette, Zara High Waisted Mini Skirt)

I love this outfit. It consists of very few pieces but it just so easily put together. I knew when I bought this top that it would be perfect with my Zara skirt, but it worked better that I actually thought it would! Unfortunately it wasn't warm for long this weekend, and this was thrown on for nipping out in the car - my cars black and causes me to bake like a potato if I wear jeans!

Little fact: It was insanely difficult to get hold of any kind of flag this weekend! Everywhere had pretty much sold out, so Brighton must have been getting pretty patriotic! Luckily Co-op saved me and still had a couple left!

I've just realised I still haven't even thought about my May Favourites! That will definitely be my next post as there are so many products which I've been absolutely in love with this month!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and for everyone in the UK I hope you had a really good rest on your extra days off! Even though I had to work Saturday and today it was still so lovely to have the time off!

Suzie xo


  1. You look absolutely stunning, really love the the floral bralette! Hope you had a wonderful weekend :) xo

  2. So gorgeous! That top is absolutely amazing, I need it!
    I am glad your back and excited for your May favorites :)

    Angela - The Lovely Cup

  3. Very pretty outfit. No wonder you like it so much. Wow. Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you got a flag.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  4. That is such a beautiful outfit :)

  5. Love that outfit :)


  6. You look gorgeous! Looks a lot sunnier for you than it was for me.

  7. You look stunning :) lovely outfit! xo

  8. I love your outfit, you look gorgeous! The colours go so well together! I'm new to your blog and loving it and loving you! Definitely following! XxxX


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