by Suzie Bonaldi


The "Summer" Series - O.O.T.D #1

Last week, the temperature in the UK was pretty much my ideal temperature. I wish it was in the high 20's all the time. It gives the opportunity to wear outfits that just make you feel so girly and pretty. I definitely rolled with that theme last week... I even wore pink! However this outfit was one of my favourites as the skirt and top featured are both items I am completely in love with at the moment!
The skirt featured is my signature summer item, it makes me feel so feminine, but not under dressed as the back is longer, making me feel a bit more sophisticated, whilst -in true Suzie style- still showing my legs. I picked this baby up from Zara in January (I missed out on the mint green version - and yes, my heart breaks every time I remember this) for a wee £20! It has got to be one of the most savvy purchases ever made. The way it sits on my hips it really figure flattering and, although this isn't an issue I experience, it would really help to flatter a less curvy - potentially more boyish- figure as it really accentuates the slightest curve at the waist.

The skirt goes with most items, from a Topshop basic black jumper (which is deceptive as it then looks like a dress!) to a bright summer body con dress (which may or may not be too short to be appropriate for a public outing...). But my absolute favourite type of top to match it with has been from my selection of bralettes. The one featured above is amazing, and such a steal at £10 from Republic! It is one of those tops that literally only reaches below the ribs, making it far too short for most jeans. So this is 100% one of those items I like to dress up with a high waited skirt. Normally I shy away from looking too dressed up, but the bright clashing colours on the material give the outfit a fun element that prevents it from looking too "done".

I finished the outfit with my staple Aldo sandles (all my shoes are from Aldo and I still want more!) and my wicker clutch (also Aldo). The clutch just screams summer to me, making me think of late nights and sandy beaches, it also has a little chain so you can throw it over your shoulder, but I'm definitely more of a clutch girl. Naturally the sunnies (£12 from River Island) are perched on my head and the make up is kept minimal and bronzed as always (post on this next week!).

So this is my favourite summer outfit (so far), although I have a close contender that will be making it's way on here after the jubilee weekend! Anyone else excited for an extra day or so off?!

Have a lovely weekend little doves! :)
Suzie xo


  1. Love the skirt! Getting so much wear out of my dip hem skirt at the moment x

  2. I absolutely love this outfit!! I have a similar skirt to that from New Look and I wear it so much. I love that we got to have such nice weather last week too because it let me wear outfits that I wouldn't usually be able to wear without a blazer or tights (and they look so much better without these things).

    Can't wait to see your other outfit!

    Gem x

  3. The outfit is fab! :) Love the clutch!

  4. I love your outfit, the skirt is gorgeous! Xx

  5. I love this outfit, I really want to pick up so high low skirts! xx

  6. Love the outfit, especially the clutch! xxx

  7. Gorgeous I'm lve the dip hem trend :)

  8. this might be a complete shot in the dark.. but i actually have the mint green version of this skirt in a S still with tags on. it doesn't fit me and due to zara's stupid 'no receipt no exchange' policy i cant take it back.. if you still was interested in buying one, i have one for sale x x


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