by Suzie Bonaldi



Food Friday: Burger Craving...

Technically this can still be a "Friday" post, as I haven't actually slept yet (why you ask? Well, I went to see the late night screening of Batman - it was so good!), and I'm sure it is still Friday so some of you! As I write this, the time stands at 3am, and I'm in that terrible late night hunger phase of craving food that you can't get your hands on for the time of day. Well, that's a small lie... there's a late night burger place 10 minutes away, but I'm not up for eating a plastic burger tonight! Whilst on holiday (yes, still popping out the holiday snaps!) me and the boy regularly treated ourselves to a late lunch at the bar instead of dinner. This bar food was simply amazing! The Barcelo Burger was just made for me - topped with chesse, bacon and an egg, it went down a treat! I was so full after finishing, but I couldn't not eat it all! I am craving one of these right now, I may have to recreate it again at some point soon. We washed our burgers down with a Pina Colada and then hobbled off back to our sun loungers for the remainder of the afternoon.

Anyway, I must sleep now! We're going on a little road trip tomorrow so I can't sleep in all day! It will be worth it though, apparently the worlds best Paella is on the cards! Have a lovely weekend :)


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