by Suzie Bonaldi


August Everyday Makeup

In all honesty, I've been a boring blogger this month, I have pretty much worn the same make up every. single. day. It could be down to the fact that I'm trying to get some more regular use out of some previously unloved products, but it could also be down to the fact that I'm uber lazy and can get ready in about 10 minutes if I have a solid routine (this leaves more time for sleep... the Rapunzel-esk hair, however, does not).

I kick off this routine by massaging 10p sized blob of the Origins VitaZing onto my face. Now that the holiday tan has worn away, this gives my skin some warmth and allows me to continue using my summer foundations if I feel I need more coverage, but most days I've just opted for the moisturiser. Once applied it can sometimes leave your face slightly too "glowy" (a.k.a shiney) for first thing in the morning, so I dot around some of my Collection concealer in the shade medium 3 under my eyes and on the top of my cheek bones (and on the top of those pesky blemishes) and blend it in with my Real Techniques buffing brush. Once i've finished my base is even, glowing, and not too shiney - that's the stuff!

I then pencil in my eye brows, the shape can vary day to day, if I'm lazy, I follow the natural line and make it look like there's a tad more brow there. But most days I am for brows that are full for the first 2 thirds of the brow, and thinner after the arch (describing brow shapes is tricky!). I have quite crazy eye brows, so once i've filled them in I pop on some of the HD brow gel to keep them in line. I then pop on my normal liquid eye liner and then curl my eyebrows with my boots eyelash curlers and pop on a coat of the YSL Luxurious Mascara*, it's such a lovely mascara and does an amazing job in just one coat (any more and it all goes downhill), I don't know if I can justify buying the full version but I know I love it. I then quickly pop a coat of my Avon Super Curl mascara on just to separate my lashes.

Last but no least I sweep a generous amount of the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine over my cheeks using the lovely Avon blusher brush and then whack on my Caudalie lip balm and I'm off to work!

*Sample from WIMH


  1. I've been the same with my make up this month. I feel like I've just found the perfect everyday, quick routine though! Being stuck in a rut isn't always a bad thing I suppose! x

  2. I love these sort of posts so much! Wanting to sample the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour now!

  3. I'm in favour of the 'more sleep less variety in makeup' sometimes you just need that rest!!



  4. Wow the Laura Mercier blush is gorgeous, I've just picked up the Real Techniques buffing brush and I can't wait to try it out :-)


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