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Bright Orange Nails by Orly

Summer is now pretty much over, the 1st of September well and truley marks this, as does the change in the weather. However, I'm continuing the party on my nails with this baby. I picked up Holla by Orly a few weeks ago and I absolutely adore it. Its a bright orange, with a tiny hint of red, but most predominantly orange.

I'm a big lover of orange, nails or clothing, you name it, I love it. After my massive Essie splurge this was a completely ridiculous purchase, not only because I'm running out of storage space for my nail varnish, but also because I'm spending £5 on a nail varnish that only just contains over 5ml of liquid - the one downside to the Orly line in boots. Despite this, I couldn't be happier with this one, it's the perfect colour to jazz up an all black outfit (something I'm far too familiar with) and as it's orange, it still feels like a suitable transition into autumn (or fall) despite the fact it's beautifully blinding.

I really can't decide whether to pick up a second one, the bottle is so small I'm scared I'll run out, but then again, I do have a lot of unloved polishes screaming to be applied (this weekend I'll be switching to some very unloved baby pinks). All I know is it's beautiful, and everyone comments on it. My work colleague loved it so much she asked me to pick her up one!


  1. That colour is so vibrant! 5ml is a little dissapointing - is there nowhere that does bigger sizes? Xo

    1. Not that I know of :( Probably online, but I hate ordering online if I don't have to! xx


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