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Essie "Meet Me at Sunset"

Essie's Meet Me at Sunset is a beautiful orange toned red. Just looking at it has made me want it back on my nails - after a week or so of having it on my nails, I had to move on, as all of my summer polishes are being neglected. Like most Essie's the formula is great, creamy, only needs around two coats and dries super fast. I'm definitely not a waiting around kind of girl, 99% of the time I'm busy doing something, be it typing (a blogger who works in events - the keyboard, phones, notebook and I are best friends), cooking or just being my general clumsey self - physical co-ordination will never be my middle name! Drying time ramble aside, I do feel it chips faster than other Essies, however this could just be down to the condition of my nails.

I definitely think this is the perfect summer red, and I'm glad it got a good summer outing before the current burst of rain came around. I think it is still potentially wearable in the winter though... think Christmas time with some glitter thrown in - who am I kidding though? Being a nail varnish fiend, i'll have another box full by Christmas!Anyway, its a lovely new favourite of mine (Essies have quickly made their way into my top 5 nail polish brands) and will definitely be packed in my hand luggage for my trip to France in a couple of weeks!

I picked this little beauty up from the Essie diffusion line available in Boots and Selfridges and cost #

P.S Ten points if you noticed my dog pencil case sticking out of my bag!


  1. Obsessed with ESSIE nail polish -love your haul post too :) X

  2. I'm still yet to invest in some Essie! Think I need to sort this out!

  3. This colour is gorgeous :) x

  4. Wow great post.Thanks for sharing.

  5. I really need to join the Essie fanbase! xo

  6. this is a really pretty shade, you should check out tk maxx, they have a deal going on.x

  7. Gorgeous colour, I might have to add it to my collection as I don't have any reds from Essie :-)

  8. Lush colour, I really like the brushes on the Essie polishes. x


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