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Ethel's Kitchen

Its definitely been a while since my last post! No, I haven't died or been kidnapped or anything, the photos above are proof of this. But life has most definitely caught up with me recently. Hence why I'm writing this on the train back from London! But anyway I digress...

Last Saturday after a successful opticians appointment (hello new glasses!) the boy and I popped into a cafe that a colleague recommended to me a few weeks ago. Ethels kitchen is located in central Hove, not on the most desirable of streets but there have been far worse locations and the cafe itself totally makes up for it! It looks as though you've just walked in to someones kitchen, think wooden chairs and tables, china plates hanging on the walls, with flowers and china salt and pepper shakers on the tables. I can safely say this is how I want my kitchen to look one day.

The menu definitely caters for most, from vegetarians/pescetarians to the boys the difficult one that doesn't want anything healthy (English breakfasts and sausage sandwiches anyone?). I went for the poached eggs with salmon and hollandaise sauce, I've had this in various cafes across Brighty and this has to be one of my favourites, the sauce is delicious and the consistency is just right and they use breakfast muffins instead of toasted bread so the vase is far nicer and less crispy than I've had in the past. Josh had the chicken wrap and the only thing it was guilty of was having too much salad... But that's his opinion!


  1. sounds good! :) you look really nice :)

  2. You are so effortlessly pretty! :)

  3. Ooh, your meal looks lovely! As do you x

  4. This sounds delicious! I think I'd pick what you chose if I was there, I adore poached eggs and salmon!

    Gem x

  5. I agree with Hannah you are so effortlessly pretty!!! This place looks so cute, we need some cafes like this here in the US. xx

  6. Wow that salmon with hollandaise sauce sounds incredible! Eggs benedict is a favourite of my boyfriend and I :) Love the look of this cafe, the wallpaper is stunning! Found your blog the other day and it's so lush- I'm following! x

  7. Such a cute name for a cafe, it reminds me of a sweet old lady, haha
    Looks a lovely place xx

  8. Aww this looks so cute and I love the name of it! I wish there was somewhere like that where I live! You look beautiful by the way! XxxX


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