by Suzie Bonaldi


The "Accidental" Essie Haul

Having recently developed a love for the Essie diffusion line, I've been making frequent trips to boots to try and decide which colour to pick up next. I think "Oops" is the word I would use to describe what happened on Monday morning. I'm a big fan of bright/orangey reds at the moment, so Fith Avenue and Meet Me at Sunset were two I couldn't decide between. However sine getting home I've realised that Warpaint by Topshop is a very close dupe to Fith Avenue... Oops indeed.

I also picked up Sugar Daddy, after I was listening to one of Anna's videos where she describes her quest to pick up that shade... and (as she also said) I can confirm none of these shades are in the correct section... make sure you grab the right one. I also threw a very park purple colour into the basket as well (but I can't remember the name - still getting used to writing blog posts on the train!) as the dupe I have by OPI is too harsh on my nails and breaks them *cries*.

On top of all this, I decided I needed a base coat... I already have one, but I think I just wanted a fancy one if I'm honest, my nails are pretty dry at the moment, so I picked up the nourishing one. It was bloody expensive so lets hope it works!

So after "accidentally" picking up 5 on Monday morning, I'm still planning on popping back to get Fear or Desire - I'm thinking it could make an amazing orangey/red when layered with Meet Me at Sunset. But alas, that's probably for another payday...


  1. Ole Caliente its a gorge orangey red :) I have it on my toesies now, I LOVE ESSIE :)

  2. We've all done that plenty of times! Such gorgeous colours, looking forward to seeing how they turn out! XxxX

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous colours!! Essie coming to Boots and Superdrug was a bad BAD move as far as all our bank balances are concerned - I've found myself accidently stumbling up to the Essie stand far too many times!



  4. Haha, I've done so many accidental nail polish shopping in the last few months that it now results in me having about 7 very similar shades of mint green. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. So happy they started selling them at Boots and Superdrug yay
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  6. Saw some essie in Boots this week, and am heading back in this weekend to buy some :) Can't wait! xo

  7. Accidental hauls are sometimes the best! And who an ever resist essie? :) xo

  8. I keep accidently buying these too! I bought teeny bikini earlier & I love it!


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