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The Tanning Routine

Recently gradual tanners have been a topic that I've been holding quite close to my heart, unless you've been hiding out in an underground bunker for most of the summer, you'll know that in the UK it has pretty much not stopped raining, except for the odd week when mother nature decides we've been good and deserve some vitamin D. This hasn't exactly left me with too many opportunities to top up my holiday tan, and being part Spanish (a glorified statement, I'm less than half and do not speak fluent Spanish) I'm used to going rather brown in the summer.  This year there has been 0 chance of this happening naturally, so I'm introducing you to my new best friends who have been topping up my holiday tan for me...

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner
If you want a product that will tan your face without breaking you out or leaving streaks, this could be the one for you. I personally cannot get enough of this it leaves a really lovely glow on your face the morning after I've applied it (I apply it after my moisturiser before I go to sleepies). It's that "why does my skin look nicer than usual" kind of glow, and did take me a couple of uses to put two and two together... Doi. Like I said, I pop this on after my standard skincare routine, using a cotton pad for an even appliation, if I want a little extra tan, I pop some on my hand after using the cotton pad and massage it in. Usage of this product without a cotton pad has been known to cause streaking - not something I've experienced yet but you do need to be aware of it, if you're going cotton pad free!

St. Tropez Gradual Tanner (Medium Dark)
My favourite of all the freebies I've ever received in a magazine, the July ELLE definitely hit gold with this one. It says gradual tanner on the bottle, but I really feel that, for me at least, it sits nicely between a gradual tanner and a fake tan. When using other gradual tanners, the product has never been as instantly strong or really felt like it was washing off in the bath. Despite this, the tan does still remain after some has washed off. Sounds weird, but I actually really like the fact that it works like this. There's more instant gratification than I get with other gradual tanners, it smells amazing (but you will experience the occasional waft of biscuits the next day - I quite like it, is that weird?), lasts a while and is build-able. I like to use this every other day, but sometimes use it just once a week. I loved the mini product so much I jumped for joy when my work colleague gave me a second mini version and then could not resist purchasing the full size when it was on offer for £12(!!!!) in Boots.

 I'm feeling a slight irony in writing this today, as some parts of the UK are finally starting to get some serious sun for the weekend, but for those of you who are still donning your brollies (or are working all weekend)- this is for you.


  1. Really need to try a St. Tropez product! Sick of being pale haha:)

  2. i'm also a big fan of the Clarins tan. best face tanner ever!

    Sarah xx

  3. Thanks for letting us in on the secrets of your gorgeous glowing skin! XxxX

  4. I neeeed that Clarins in my life! I just can't believe it doesn't break the skin out, but I'll have to try it to prove it to myself!

  5. The weather is crazy, I'm enjoying gradual tanners at the moment too. I'm using clarins for my face too but just tried xen-tan for my body. I've been using dove for my body but it smells so much.

  6. This is adequate for self-tanning splashes. For this situation, the most critical thing in your tanning session is the tanning salve that you have chosen to utilize.


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