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"Head Over Heels" Topshop Blush

Topshop Blush : "Head Over Heels" £6
Until a few weeks ago I'd never tried a cream blush, or a Topshop blush. I decided to tick both off my list and purchased one of the Topshop cream blushes in Head Over Heels. I spent a little while swatching the small amount of colours available, and decided I'm definitely much better suited to more peachy shades, so this was the one for me. I love Topshop makeup, their lipsticks and nail polishes have always been my favourite with the eye shadows being okay - but nothing to write home about. I was so excited to get this home and test it out - there's something about the packaging that really works for me, and it makes me like the product that little bit more!

I applied it with my Real Techniques stippling brush - a very good brush for any cream or liquid products, and it glides on. It blends easily and, although it's bright, doesn't appear too bright and un-natural on the skin. Head Over Heels is quite sheer on application, this is great as it means you can really build the colour up depending on how you prefer it. It's lasting power is about the same as a standard powder blusher, but it wears a little more evenly, which is where a lot of my blushes (Nars and Laura Mercier I'm looking at you) can sometimes fail. However this may just be a result of spending a lot of time on the phone at work, I need a very busy day to come up so I can compare!

Overall, I'm really impressed. Head Over Heels is a beaut, and I can see myself wearing this so much as it's so quick and easy to apply. I think it will definitely be the only blusher thrown into my tiny holiday makeup bag tomorrow night (30 hours and counting)!


  1. Love this blush! Bought it about a month ago and it hasn't been off my cheeks since :)

  2. Love the look of this blush! It has been on my enormous topshop wishlist for ages. Too bad I can't swatch this as they don't have topshop in Belgium.

  3. I haven't used cream blush in a long time. Glad you liked yours, because I'm thinking of purchasing one.
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  4. I have this and I absolutely love it!! I need to get a few more Topshop blushes, I've been really impressed with their makeup so far.

  5. I have just got this blush today!! What a coincidence haha!

  6. This is such a lovely colour! I have been meaning to buy a Topshop cream blush for a while now!

  7. I think cream blushes are the best, and that one is such a lovely colour! Xo

  8. I really like this blush, though it's the only one where I use my fingers to apply it :-)


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