by Suzie Bonaldi


Zara Tie Print Trousers (AKA Pajama Pants...)

So, you know how it goes. It's payday and you have over 25 minutes to kill before you need to be at work, you find yourself outside Zara as the shutters are rolling up and suddenly the world's your oyster. I originally had my eye on a pair of army print trousers, but the fit just wasn't quite right (damn being 5ft!) and I found myself holding up the tie print trousers and imagining how cosy I'd be on the plane to France in these babys.

The quality is great, they're not too thin and not overly thick - the perfect autumn trouser, they look lovely with sandals and I can't wait to pair these with some black studded boots in the winter. I also love that you can wear them high waisted or on the hips due to the expandable waist line (this also makes them great dinner trousers), and for high waisted trousers, there's nothing better than a black cropped top for warmer weather.

My favourite nude pink (Fudge by Accessorize) has returned to my nails recently, it's such a pretty shade and wears so well - a lovely Summer to Autumn colour.

P.s, I'm currently in Nice, its amazingly warm in comparison to Brighton (although I'm a complete home bunny and miss most things about Brighton already) and it's beautiful!


  1. ahhh those trousers are lush! .. think im going to make a trip to zara today. , would love it if you could take a look :)


  2. Those trousers are gorgeous! They are definitely the perfect plane trousers and the perfect dinner trousers. You look lovely, enjoy Nice! X

  3. Love the trousers! Also excellent choice of Starbucks drink, I lived on those over the summer! x

  4. Your trousers are amazing:)

  5. You look so gorgeous! I love this outfit, those trousers really are fab. Hope you're having a lovely time in Nice, I'm incredibly jealous of you right now...!

    Lucy xxx

  6. These trousers actually look so nice, you look stunning. And I do that almost every pay day, need to stay away from shops haha. xo

  7. I have the same trouble with trousers being 5ft myself, boo haha. Lovely though, may have to have a look in Zara!

  8. Every time I go into Zara I always look at the pants! They look lovely on you.

    Having just stumbled accross your blog I was wondering if you had any advice to give about being an events coordinator. Im in my final year at uni doing events management and at 22 im still a little unsure where I want to head. Although having some experience with charities and a short fashion intern, living in yorkshire's, not really giving me alot of oppertunties for events I find interesting. Hope you dont mind taking some time to maybe reply! Thanks :)

    1. I've emailed you directly, please let me know if you haven't received it! xx


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