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The Beauty Basket #1

The Beauty Basket has been my new favourite "toy" in my room of late. Purchased from Tiger for a whopping £3, I've been using it to house products that either; need using up, need to be reviewed, or that just would normally lie around making my surfaces look messy. Being the fickle being I am, I can guarantee that the contents of this basket will be changing fairly regularly, so odds are there will be a fair few of these Beauty Basket posts  coming your way, but anyway, you just want to know what's in the basket really don't you?...

First things first, the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, I won't say too much about this because it will have it's own post very soon, but in the interests of keeping things short and sweet - It's love. I also picked up two new nail varnishes on the same day as the foundation - Barry M Acid Yellow and Topshops Thorn (hidden somewhere in this basket...), they're lovely and also deserve their own post. Hydraluron, is the new toy in terms of skincare, as with most serums I think I'll need to use this for a fair while to notice a difference... hopefully.

I'm currently keeping a fair few bathroom products in this basket (as someone in my house *cough* younger brother *cough* likes to use my nice things... So the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush shower gel, Simple face wash and Origins face masks are currently setting up home in here, as is my rapidly depleting bottle of Bioderma (it's okay i've got a back up!), my Embriolisse moisturiser and Origins Eye Doctor eye cream. My head scarf from Lush also lives in this basket to ensure it's at arms length for moments when I need my hair out my face - a.k.a face mask time.

Last but not least, I'm using up the Jemma Kidd Light As Air foundation, if the reports are correct and J.K is gone for good, there's no point in holding on to this hoping that another bottle will come back in stock. So I might as well enjoy using it up! And I do... It just gives such a lovely healthy finish (mixed with Benefit Sun Beam it's the perfect hangover cover up!), I will miss it, but I've definitely found a new foundation crush...

Monday night rambling - Check! Does anyone else here have a love for basket storage?


  1. I've recently bought a basket to sit on my drawers that holds stuff I'm trying to use up as otherwise it ends up in those drawers and totally forgotten about!

  2. Lovely choices! It's really weird cos the three foundations i'm using atm are Dr Jart BB cream, Touche Eclat foundation and Jemma Kidd which I'm also trying to use up as it doesn't compare haha! x

  3. I've got a similar thing going on, only mine is in a much less attractive box!! It's mainly hair care products that I'm currently trying to get through with a few bits of makeup dotted around


  4. I think I'll get a basket and rotate the products in it, like 'shopping the stash' so I get more use of items!

  5. I love the YSL Touche Eclat foundation as well :) its simply stunning!!


    Isn't this the jemma kidd light as air on beautybay? :)

  7. I'm dying to try that YSL foundation and Hydraluron, they both sound like absolutely amazing products that I'd adore!

    Gem x

  8. I really want to try Bioderma it's on my must try soon list (any excuse to go to Paris :]) I use a wire "cake stand" instead of a box to store the products I'm using at the moment. :)


  9. O noooo! i had no idea Jemma Kidd was no more, i'm disappointed because i'v heard such great things about that foundation that i was eager to try but i'll have to read your up coming review on the YSL foundation and hopefully invest in that instead :)

  10. I love keeping products in my shabby chic basket, it's such a bloggers thing to do :)

  11. I really like this concept, I think I might give it a try :)



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