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The Hair: ghd Heat Protection Spray

So I think it's fair to say that over the autumn/winter months my hair takes a bit more of a battering than usual - it's down more, therefore I style it more (Fact: I like to keep it down to keep my ears warm!). So when I was sent the ghd heat protecting spray*, I was pretty darn excited (yes I just said darn...lame!), especially as I use ghd's every day, I thought it would be nice to use ghd's own heat protectant.

On first impressions, it's a light weight heat protecting spray that can be used for both straightening and curling - this is good as a lot of other sprays are released for use with straighteners, or can weigh down curled hair and make it limp. It can also be used both on wet or dry hair and the packaging is beautiful (if not a little bit too weighty to travel with), the bottle distributes the product onto hair fairly evenly. My only bone to pick would be that, although it's even, the amount of liquid is just slightly too heavy, making this difficult to use on dry hair if you're in a rush, so I much prefer to use this on wet hair. However this doesn't fill me with confidence on how protected my hair is, as I don't wash it very often! I also am never 100% convinced over "heat protectants anyway, as it's quite hard to prove that something is protecting your hair... I don't look at it that in depth on a daily basis and I would have to be using this for quite some time to notice any difference in the condition of my hair.

Heat protection rambling aside... I think the (very short and sweet) product descriptions for this product are very true, it is a very light weight product, perfect for those who already have straight hair, or want to curl their hair. But for me, an avid lover of straight hair, I like a bit of weight and a product that smooths the mass amount of frizz I deal with on a daily basis and that protects - all at the same time! Depending on your budget, the price may sway this for you, at £9.95, this isn't too far off what I would normally pay for other sprays, but when I round it up by that tiny 5p, I just can't see myself spending £10 on a product that I could always have to use with other straightening or anti frizz serums - paying £6/7 on a product that tackles a multitude of sins is much for ideal for me.

In a nutshell
: It's a lovely lightweight product and is great if you like to curl your hair, but personally it's not right for my needs (I'm very needy!).

The full ghd range is available online and can be purchased here.
*PR Sample


  1. I wasnt convinced about heat protectant's either, i read a tip online about spraying a bit on your hand and putting the hair dryer over the spot so decided to try it and surprisingly there was a difference, it was less hot! I use the tresemme heat protectant, worth a try if your looking for a new one x

  2. I love this! It's really good and nice to know it's been created for use alongside my beloved GHDs.


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