The Review: Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB Cream

BB Creams cover various stages of getting ready in one go. They moisturise, prime, and give light coverage and SPF... The jack of all trades of the beauty universe. After the recent love affair with tinted moisturisers, I decided to delve into the realm of BB Creams, but when more and more brands are releasing them it's difficult to know where to start. Very recently Lily did a really great video which I think would be really helpful if you were looking to try some but have no idea on where to start.

I chose the Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB Cream after Kate mentioned it in one of her videos (she's a total babe and if she buys it, chances are so will I!). Firstly I like the fact that it's easily available for me - it's stocked in both larger and smaller branches of boots from what I've seen. I also like the consistency, it's not too thick that it sits on top of your skin, but doesn't feel like it soaks into your skin to the point where you wonder if you ever put anything on in the first place! I find it gives a good level of coverage on my skin, minimal concealer is needed on scarring after (those bags under my eyes are a whole different kettle of fish though...) and my skin has a very understated, natural glow to it - basically I just look healthy!

Moisture-wise, it's okay-ish, I'd rather use a proper moisturiser, but if you need to be ready in a few seconds and have no other choice then it's better than nothing! I also enjoy using it under foundation (this teamed with the Jemma Kidd Light As Air is a dream team!) as I always find that some form of tinted moisturiser/BB cream helps make up to last longer, and you can just use foundation where you really need it. All of these things make me a very big fan, the only thing about this product is it only comes in one shade, it's definitely not a product that will warm up your skin colour - this is why I love the Origins Vitazing that little bit more as my olive skin can look a bit grey at this time of year - but for paler girls it would probably work really well.

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