by Suzie Bonaldi


October Favourites

 October has been a month of very dehydrated skin and vampy lips and nails. Face masks have been a regular occurrence as well as multi-use oils and scrubs. All product names and info can be found on my YouTube channel as well as other rambley videos, as always if you have any requests for future videos then pop them in the comments!



  1. DAISY by Marc Jacobs, couldn't get better than that!
    lovely products babe x

  2. Nice fav


  3. I have this perfume as well as the original daisy and I love them both! I think the eau de fresh is more suited for the day :) I also love using my nuxe oil aswell, I love how it's so versatile but I mainly use it on my hair. I want all of origins!

    p.s I'm currently running a giveaway to win a mac lipstick of your choice. Check out my blog if you're interested xx

  4. I got Daisy a while ago as a present but didn't wear it much in summer, but recently I've been wearing it a lot. I don't know why but it smells better in autumn / winter than in summer doesn't it?? Is it just me? :P Enjoyed the post and video so much, you look beautiful :)

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  5. Love your blog! :)
    I've nominated you for two awards, check out how to participate on my blog!

  6. Your videos are always so effortless Suzie! I'm loving Topshop Nails in Thorn this month too. Definitely tempted to try the Origins out of trouble mask. X


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