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The ASOS Scarf

I'm a fickle being sometimes, my dad has often been know to say it about me and it's proven by the ever changing list of favourite style and beauty related items featured on this blog. So when an item comes around and stays around. You know it's love, and for two weeks, a WHOLE TWO WEEKS, this scarf from ASOS has been firmly wrapped around my neck (Okay, apart from two seconds yesterday when the tube whizzed past and it almost unraveled itself from around my neck. Oops).

I'm a decent knitter when it comes down to it, and had always wanted to knit a grey/black scarf with a neon yellow or coral trim. So when I saw this baby on ASOS, with it's intertwined white and grey/black and grey sections and mustard yellow trim, a) I realised I wasn't as original as I first thought and b) I had to have it. Instant gratification vs satisfaction of completely a task - what can I say, I'm weak.

It was around the same price as your average high street scarf, at £16 it wasn't bank breaking, but I did wish I'd gone to uni for a brief 60 seconds (you lucky buggers and your discount!). It wouldn't have cost too much more to make really, so when I have the time next, I think I'll sit down and knit myself one with a neon trim..

So, turns out I'm a bit of an ASOS fiend, anyone else with me?...


  1. Such a lovely scarf!

    Laura xx

  2. That's gorgeous! I did some street style photos recently and a girl was wearing a neon yellow tartan scarf - I want!

  3. this is really nice, love the neon detail!

  4. This is gorgeous! I love the neon pop to it <3 I think ASOS makes spending my money a bit too easy ;)

  5. So pretty, love the colour combination :-)

  6. This is gorgeous, I love the pop of colour!

    Gem x

  7. Looks so warm! I had to steal my sister's scarf this morning, should probably invest in my own...xo

  8. Love this scarf- the neon at the end just makes it pop!

  9. Your hair is so pretty!


  10. This is lovely I'm not usually a fan of yellow but this looks really nice xx


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