by Suzie Bonaldi


The Instagram Photos

 Sunday night cocktails | A very good Glossybox this month | Nandos: The place where chicken dreams come true | My favourite dress down outfit | My new notebook | Had a silly amount of fun in Primark - haul anyone? | My new ASOS coat, post here | Trying on hats that make me look like a raccoon | Naughty Friday night Dominoes, drinking pint glasses of Fanta. Oh dear ....

This has been a week of very bad food, I think I'll be doing a healthy food diary this week - it will be good for my face, bank account and general health! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! If you want to follow me on Instagram my name is @Suzieebee (or


  1. Beautiful insta photos this October! ♥

    You are sooo GORGEOUS!

    The Misty Mom

  2. So stunning, definitely going to follow you on Instagram.

  3. Oh my gosh, I need a Nandos! I haven't had one in so long. That fur hair actually looks really cute on you :)

    Gem x

  4. You are living my dream. Nando's, cocktails and a Dominos in one week? Love! That Asos coat looks phenomenal on you too.

    Laura xo


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