by Suzie Bonaldi



The November Haul

In this video we see some of the most expressive eye brow and face movements I think I've ever pulled. I spent too much money on certain items but actually got a few great value freebies from in store offers and magazines which I've thrown in too! I'd like to say this is the last haul for the month, but alas, I went shopping again yesterday and picked up some amazing new things for my room, so, to be continued ladies (and gents?)...

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  1. Really want to try the Kate Moss lipsticks!

  2. I really want the EL advanced night repair and clarins primer everyones been raving about!


  3. That floral blazer suits you so well, it's lovely! I have the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning and absolutely adore it. I only use it about twice a week but it's such an amazing product!

    Gem x

  4. I bought that lipstick as well, it's so good, can't stop wearing it! What's the room you're filming in by the way? It looks so pretty! x

  5. lol. Spending bans don't last long, do they? I like the Kate lipstick. Pretty.
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  6. I've got my eye on the This Works perfect skin miracle! So so tempted :) x


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