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The Sunday Post

Hello loves! It's Sunday again (wahhhhh!). I honestly feel like I haven't stopped this weekend, between extra work, blog prep (danm having a time consuming hobby!), seeing friends and spending far too much time and money in Primark, I haven't really sat down.

01. Above is a sneak peek of an upcoming post this week, taking just under a weeks worth of photos in the space of a day or so feels crazy! Lots of outfit changes and a very messy dresser! Living in the UK in the winter is really not convenient for bloggers - there just isn't enough day light!

02. Christmas seems to be creeping up on me, everywhere I look now there's fairy lights and Christmas print! All I need is a new Christmas candle and I'm ready to get Christmassy! I bought a whole host of festive themed items this weekend, and my room is now the definition of "snuggley". I was so pleased with the items I filmed a haul for you today!

03. A week Thursday I will be getting ready to go to Paris! I'm so excited! I'm hoping to find some very cute things to bring back as my families Christmas presents. Now, my two questions for you lovely lot are: a) what do I wear (I'm staying for one night, so I need day to evening ideas) and b) what do I buy at the Pharmacies!?

04. In addition to now being on a spending ban as I am super poor, I'm also on a healthy eating kick. After a take-away too many, my skin is now in need of some super healthy yummies, I'm going to attempt to keep an Instagram diary of my food this week, so if you want to see how I get on my account is @Suzieebee.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! x


  1. Christmas seems to have come from nowhere! I cannot wait, bought the grinch and Ive lots of christmassy chocolates >:) Paris sounds amazing, especially at this time of year. Im extremely jealous :(

    Ive only just come across your blog and I absolutely adore it. Ive had a love/hate relationship with blogging for a while now, Ive been disheartened by bloggers that post about the same old things, bloggers who churn out tonnes of sponsored posts and come across as very... I don't know, to say fake or shallow seems harsh but maybe a little. Your blog has really made me fall in love with blogs again :) the style of writing, the pictures, your style and the way you put your posts together. I just wanted to say thank you :)

  2. Have fun in Paris, I'm so jealous! I'm on a healthy eating kick too, such a nightmare


  3. Stop being so gorgeous Suzie! I would be over the moon if I looked like you. I completely agree with there not being enough hours in the day when it's light outside, it's incredibly annoying. I hope you have a lovely time in Paris when you go, I absolutely adore that city!

    Gem x

  4. Paris sounds great, have fun there! P.S: surely you need to stock on some Bioderma and try a blusher or too by Sephora ;) x

  5. So jealous of you going to Paris, it's my favourite place ever!


  6. Ah I'm very jealous of your trip to Paris! In terms of pharmacy products...a lot of the stuff I would recommend you can pretty much get in the UK now anyway. What I would say though is that a lot of the cheapy own brand skincare stuff in French supermarkets is actually pretty good quality, much better than the equivalent in UK supermarkets. So it's worth picking up a couple of bits (like moisturiser etc), helps if you know a bit of french so can work out what each thing is for though!

    Christmas has definitely appeared from nowhere. I've officially marked today (now my birthday's out of the way) as the day I will slowly allow myself to transition into xmas music and 'Happy Christmas' Yankee candles!


  7. I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! xx


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