by Suzie Bonaldi


The 2012 Favourites: Beauty, Skincare and Haircare

I'm a fairly fickle being when it comes to makeup and skincare over the course of a year, preferences and needs change so much that sometimes it's hard to love something for that long, but here's my take on the 2012 favourites - containing a the highlights of the products I've loved this year. It's worth noting that for this video there is a slightly different set up - a new tripod and lighting set up resulted in a slightly different background - which probably won't stick around for long... but until I figure out the perfect positioning it will have to do! If you haven't already taken a visit to my channel then you can do so by clicking here - give it a little subscribe and watch a few videos with a cup of tea!

Let me know if you've done a 2012 favourites post and link it up below! I hope you all have a lovely (if not slightly tipsy) New Years Eve. I'll be spending the evening at a family knees up - I refuse to brave the dance floor after an unfortunately punch in the face in 2010! Fingers crossed there's none of that at the family do... we'll be going all Eastenders on you!


  1. Love your videos, I'm always happy when they appear in my youtube subscriptions! :) Xx

  2. All your favourites are everything I'm lusting after! xx

  3. Your eyelashes look amazing! I really want to give the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation a go although it might be a bit too heavy for me so I'll have to get a sample. I love Mac's Hue!!

    Gem x

  4. Love this...really want to try more stuff from Origins after watching this. Happy New Year!

  5. Really enjoyed your video...I've got a sample of the Estee Lauder serum in my drawer but I'm scared to use it incase I get hooked on an expensive habit!

    I've done a make up/skincare round up on my blog... x

  6. Love the vid'
    I really need to try the B&B hair products, especially this Sunday Shampoo!
    Wish you all the best for the new year!


  7. Great video. I really like the look of that of that nail polish. here is my make up favourites -
    Happy New year. x

  8. Good collection! I have used that Bb shampoo and completely satisfied with its results. I like this stuff. Thanks!

  9. Great video and post!! Love Bumble and Bumble products so I will definitely be trying those out! :) ♥


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