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The Winter Haul

This haul is one i've looked forward to sharing for a long time! Predominantly Primark and very festive, it was the perfect video to upload the first week of December. For once there's nothing I've bought from Primark that I haven't worn or fallen in love with - and this is coming from the biggest Primark snob of all time! Click through to my YouTube channel (link) for peoples links and thingies!

I'm also thinking of filming a "Get to Know Me" tag soon, so let me know if you have any questions that you would like me to answer in it!


  1. Neeeeed those moustache flats, how cute!

  2. Ahhh this is amazing! I love haul videos, you got some pretty gorgeous stuff from Primark, when I go in I can never see anything :(


  3. Love your Winter Haul!! ♥ Cant wait to see you wear them!


  4. love everything you got. The shoes are GORGEOUS! xxx

  5. Love your hauls, I'm so happy when they come up to my youtube feed! :D x

  6. I really enjoyed this video (going to get my hands on those christmas pj's tomorrow!) and am so happy I've found your blog and youtube channel as it's right up my street, can't wait to see more :) xxx


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