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The Sunday Post: A Month In Music

WHY DO WEEKENDS GO SO FAST!? Is anyone else's life literally flashing before their eyes? This week I thought I'd take you through a few of my obsessions from my January playlist. I never used to be into music (no joke, it used to make me feel angry), but then I discovered Radio 6 and everything it plays is so up my street. They even had my friend Jen (from Jennifer Left) on Steve Lamacqs show a few months back, so that earnt major brownie points with me.

January Playlist
Peace: Bloodshake
You Know You Like It: Aluna George
Baiya: Delphic
Smother: Daughter
Hold Back The Night: I Am Kloot
Anything from The XX Coexist album

 When any of these are on the radio whilst I'm at work I begin not-so-discreetly bopping at my desk. My friend Gee and I spent the afternoon gushing about Aluna George and how amazing they are - we also spent the afternoon taking outfit photos and filming videos so keep your eyes peeled!

There will also be a haul coming up pretty soon as I spent Saturday afternoon in Brighton with my payday pennies. I bought a hefty amount of clothes as well as a few hair care pieces (I'm all about the hair care at the moment!).

 If you have any music you're really loving and you think I should listen to then pop it below! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I'm off to eat a hefty roast dinner (late I know) and snuggle up in bed watching silent witness. If you're in a YouTube watching mood I also upload a video today (link here).


  1. I agree, the weekend has gone fast! Love all of those songs :) xx

  2. I agree, it has gone too fast! xxx

  3. Ah that's so weird i'm literally listening to Ben Howard as i'm reading this haha, Gracious is one of my favorite songs of his! You should look up Nina Nesbitt, i'm loving her at the moment:) x

  4. ahh i love all of these artists, and i agree - time is really flying haha i feel so old saying that! ox

  5. I freaking love The XX! (and ben howard and peace- especially california daze!) xx

  6. ben howard is fab! he had a great support act called Brother & Bones who supported him, the song Gold & Silver is beautiful and worth a listen! :) x

  7. Great post!! I absolutely love Daughter!!! :) ♥

  8. try this one, maybe you'll like it as well :) the while majestic channel is amazing!

  9. Love the playlist you posted! I feel like this whole week has flew by!
    Here is what I'm currently listening to

    Carina Round:for everything a reason
    Crystal Fighters:champion sound
    High Highs:flowers bloom
    Little Dragon:twice
    The Lumineers:stubborn love
    Mazzy Star:into dust
    The Naked and Famous:the sun
    The Pierces:kissing you goodbye

    Hope you like them!

  10. I love love love Peace! Haim are also pretty good as well and I discovered Taro y Moi over the weekend too! Say That is a good track :) xo

  11. I adore the XX, there music is so soothing and tranquil.

    Hannah Check out my Neom giveaway!

  12. I LOVE Ben Howard, saw him live in Plymouth around October time and he is just amazing. So proud to come from near where he does :-) His music is beautiful x

  13. Thankyou SO much for introducing me to 'Peace' - I am now obsessed!xx

  14. I love bloodshake!! Im so glad the LP is finally on spotify so I can jam all the time now :P


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