by Suzie Bonaldi



The Video: Skincare Routine

Aside from makeup, Eastenders, Tom Hardy and Ice cream (in that order) my next love is skincare. At its most basic, it serves the purpose of keeping my skin looking super healthy and hydrated, but in those moments where, without my skincare routine, I'd be a complete dry/oily/spotty mess - that's where the routine and my love for skincare really shines.

It's worth noting that my routine is aided by a relatively healthy lifestyle, I eat lots of oily fish and vegetables, and drink as much water as I can. A good nights sleep is also recommended, but that's where I tend to fail!

Note: I actually missed the clip where I talk about the Ren resurfacing AHA concentrate - my bad... A full review will be up soon!

Click through to my channel for product info and disclaimers. If you have any alternative products you think I should try, or any questions then just pop them below!


  1. Really want to try some origins skincare, they come highly recommended by so many bloggers! xxx

  2. Hun, what's your channel. I'm not sure I subscribed!


  3. The products you use is pretty much my current wishlist, I'm lusting after Le Roche Posay products and the Origins Super Spot Remover at the moment! xx

  4. Great video! I need to seriously step up my skin care routine after overindulging during christmas and then this harsh weather now! Youve given me inspiration to sort it out :)



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